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Make-Up Artist Potomac, Rockville , MD

I’ll let you in on a little secret: It feels great to look gorgeous. Finally, it’s your turn. Moses will let you have it all-a great new hairstyle, a fun new color, the perfect make-up for a special night. Do you want to look elegant, polished and refined? Or sultry, sexy and wild? The perfect face completes the look. Can’t “make up” your mind about the look you want? Let us take care of it. We’re experts at making you look beautiful.

Some women don’t know how to wear makeup or don’t choose the right colors. With the expertise of Moses, you will know exactly what looks good on you. Whether, you’re planning a special event or are looking to pamper yourself, you’ll learn a great deal about makeup that fits you best. There is night time makeup and daytime makeup, so don’t make the mistake of dressing up or down during the wrong occasions.

Make sure to also ask about our dying services for eyelashes and eyebrows. Now, you can match your eyebrows and lashes with the new color of your hair, or permanently dye them a dark color, so that you won’t have to wear mascara or eyeliner on your eyebrows. Set an appointment with Moses today and get a free consultation for making over your face. You’ll be happy you did!

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