Evolve Volumizer Hair System


The Evolve Volumizer is an exclusive non-surgical, semi-permanent, hair addition system for women with thin hair. The system delivers bulk, consistency, and color improvement without the use of chemicals.

Moses is certified Evolve Volumizer stylist who can provides state of the art non-surgical hair replacement for clients with up to 50% hair loss in the crown, and for women with adequate, thin, and/or damaged hair.

Because it is combined with the client’s own hair and places flat to the head, it is absolutely untraceable and totally wearable night and day without removing, for up to 4 weeks. It can maintained with a monthly rearrange at the salon by Moses who is a certified hair professional to ensure proper installation and long-wearing satisfaction. Moses will make sure ach Evolve Volumizer is prearranged and personalized to fit your individual requirements, creating an ordinary and attractive look.

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