Non-Surgical Hair Replacement for Women


If you are suffering from male pattern hair loss or have very large balding area, then you can take benefit from our non-surgical hair replacement treatment. Hair replacement is the only long-term solution to hair loss.

Our hair replacement treatments are fully-customized to meet your individual hair replacement needs. Hair By Moses uses cutting-edge non-surgical hair replacement technology to provide you the head full of hair that looks and feels 100% natural. Our non-surgical hair replacement treatment is available for men and women. Our hair replacement solutions include:

Microfollicular Transplant Technology

With the help of Microfollicular Transplant Technology, it is possible to get rid of unattractive gaps between hair and visible plugs. In this hair replacement treatment, microfollicular units (1 or 2 or 3 hair at a time) are carefully placed to create a natural and full hairline. Your own hair is used for the treatment. Our experienced and skilled hair professionals can provide the perfect look to your hair. To schedule a consultation and to get details about non-surgical hair replacement treatments, call (301) 526-9696

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