7 Things No One Ever Tells You About Haircuts..!

7 Things No One Ever Tells You About Haircuts..!

expert hairdresser Through, the years, haircuts have changed dramatically. Every hair salon has something new to offer their clients. However, many clients land up confused in the hair salon and go back even more confused because they don’t have any idea about what they exactly want from haircut?? Hence it is very essential to know what you exactly want from your hair.

Truth about cutting your hair

Below mentioned are 7 little known facts about hair cutting, and some advice to help you get the best out of your haircut:

Trimming hair will not enable faster hair growth

Yes, if you are trimming your hair to get faster growth then you will be disappointed. When you take haircut, the breakage-prone hair and the split ends get chopped off, but the hair follicle are responsible for hair growth and unfortunately hair follicles are not much affected by trimming.

Skip shampoo before haircut

It’s not easy to digest this fact, but yes, you can skip shampooing before haircut. Your hairdresser will anyway shampoo your hair before haircut. Shampooing twice may stripe moisture off from your hair.

Layer accordingly

Hair layer should be customized according to texture of your hair. Layer cut looks good both on straight hair and curly hair.

It’s best to trim natural hair when dry

Dry hair cutting works too. Many hair salons have expert hairdressers who can cut dry hair. Dry hair cutting provide beautiful trim to natural tresses.

Customize your bangs

Bangs need not have to look same. You can customize your bangs according to your choice and face shape. Different styles of bangs look good on different face.

Short hair needs more maintenance

If you think that by cutting your hair short, you can minimize the hair care, then you are wrong, girl. Short hair requires equal care and maintenance to stay in healthy condition. By avoiding hair care you can degrade hair quality which can eventually hinder hair growth.

Choose hair salon wisely

Many girls randomly choose hair salons for hair cutting. In order to get perfect haircut, you need an expert hairdresser and for that you need to choose the best hair salon.

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