A guide to Hair Extensions: Synthetic VS Human Hair Extensions

A guide to Hair Extensions: Synthetic VS Human Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are an excellent way to transform your look in the simplest way. Extensions are either human hair extensions or synthetic hair extensions. There is a huge difference between the two types of extensions and in this post, we take an in-depth look at each type of the extension to make your buying decision easier. If you are a beginner in wearing extensions the two types may confuse you especially because synthetic hair extensions have over the years come of age. Be sure to involve your hair stylist at the hair extensions salon Rockville as they will be able to demonstrate to you the various types of extensions and what suits your hair.

What is the Difference Between Human Hair and Synthetic hair extensions

We look into the various aspect of the extensions that will help us know the difference between synthetic hair and human hair extensions and after reading trough you will know what to expect when it comes to each type of extension.

  • Making of the Extensions

Human Hair

The highest quality of the extensions are made from human hair and are made without any chemicals or mechanical process. The strands are collected into bundles and made into wefts and depending on the type they are added clips, glue or adhesive. They are far the highest quality of extensions you will get. Visit your hair extensions salon for the best human hair extensions as they are a variety available.

Synthetic Hair Extensions

The extension is made from chemicals and processed through machines which makes them into hair-like. Materials like monofilament, acrylic, and polyester fibers are used to make the extensions. There is a different quality of the extensions of synthetic hair extensions and it may be difficult to tell the difference. Avoid exposure to heat as this will destroy the extension.

Advantages of each type of Extension

Synthetic Extension

  • They are an affordable way to get volume and length
  • They can be manufactured to have a certain color and texture and come in many varieties of colors
  • Easy to wear especially if you don’t have time to spend styling your hair. They can work out of the package, are easy to wear and remove
  • They don’t have split ends
  • It’s the perfect extensions to help you change your look whenever you want. Synthetic hair extensions are cheap and you can, therefore, invest in several to help change your looks as often as possible.
  • They require minimal maintenance and it’s easy to take care of synthetic hair extensions

Human Hair Extensions

  • They last longer as compared to the synthetic counterpart
  • They can be styled using heat without getting damaged
  • Have a natural look and are versatile enough to style in any way. They will easily blend into your hair
  • Color and highlights can be applied to the human hair

Disadvantages of the Hair Extensions


  • Cannot be styled using  heat due to the risk of melting
  • They cannot be color treated as that will cause irreparable damage
  • It may not be possible to create an undetectable look with synthetic extensions.
  • Fades quickly and will tangle easily
  • Dries out easily at the end if not well cared for and will only last up to three months

Human Hair Extensions

  • They are expensive
  • Require maintenance just like your natural hair and are not ideal if you have a busy and you may not follow the care regimen to keep them looking good.

Synthetic Vs Human Hair Extensions

Now that you have a preview of what each is made from and how its made, their advantages and disadvantages what is your choice? Before you make that decision consider your lifestyle and consult the top rated hair stylist on what best suits your hair. It’s paramount to have a hair analysis to avoid damage that results from a poorly applied extension. When choosing the extensions consider your lifestyle and choose one that suits your lifestyle. Human hair extensions are the best as they last long and are visibly undetectable. However, if you have a hectic lifestyle or you need the extension for a short period then synthetic will be perfect for you. Your hair stylist will play a major role in teaching you how to care for the kind of hair extension that you have chosen as that plays a major role in ensuring the extensions last longer.

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