Balayage For Curly Hair: Tips And Ideas

Balayage For Curly Hair: Tips And Ideas

Balayage, a popular hair streaking technique, is all the rage right now and while a lot of women are getting it done on their hair, the curly hair girls are dealing with an inner battle that maybe Balayage doesn’t look good on them. But wait? You can fix it by getting the help of the best balayage salon. Here are some ideas that will make Balayage look like a winner on your thick and coiled hair.

Cool Balayage Ideas For Curly Hair

Here are some amazing Balayage ideas for curly hair, that work all year round.

Caramel Balayage With Light Highlights

Caramel is a very classic option and it’s perfect for all of the dark-haired women out there. Caramel is the perfect balance of light and dark hues and in different lights, this color will look absolutely stunning. But you know what else goes beautifully with caramel?

Lighter colored highlights. A caramel Balayage will leave your hair streaked in beautiful brown hues and you can add a bit more oomph with light blonde or brown highlights.

Ash Balayage

If you want to play with cool-toned colors in a Balayage, then ash is the way to go. If you already have lighter curly hair, then ash will be a perfect color to choose, because you don’t need to cut down any existing color with bleach and your hair won’t be damaged either.

What’s great about an ash Balayage is that it doesn’t look as harsh as a full-on ash mane, because Balayage has a tendency to mute any color down.

Brown Balayage With Darker Highlights

If you’re looking for something safe and don’t want to play around with colors too much, but still want your hair to have dimension and look unique, then brown is a perfect color to go for.

A brown Balayage is classic and timeless and there’s really nothing you can do to mess it up. It’s one of the easiest Balayage colors and coupled with darker and richer highlights, your hair will transform, for the better.

Copper Balayage

If you want fiery notes and hints of warm red in your hair, then a great color to go for is copper. Copper looks even more awesome on textured hair, like curly or wavy hair, because the shadows in the hair change the tone of copper and in certain lights, the color might be a fiery gold or a muted red.

It’s an extremely wearable and versatile Balayage option to choose if you want to add that element of warmth to your hair and don’t want things to be too dramatic.

Auburn Balayage

If you’re blessed with naturally red hair and just want to elevate the style a bit, by adding painted streaks in your hair, then auburn is a great color choice to freshen up your tresses. Auburn is a more dramatic red color, mixed in with some warm tones of brown, which makes this option very wearable and perfect for both summer and winter months.

Auburn adds a lot of definition to the curls and it can really brighten up your dull hair, so you really can’t go wrong with this option. You can also get this Balayage done on darker hair and that will give your mane a hint of red in the brightest of places and you will love the results.

Chocolate Balayage

Another classic and equally decadent option is a chocolate brown Balayage. Chocolate brown is very different from regular light and medium brown colors because it’s the perfect amount of warmth and gloss and your hair will literally look like melted chocolate. Sounds delicious, right?

Well, another great thing about this color is that a Balayage will not look as flat either and you can rock tousled and glossy hair, whenever you want.

Balayage Tips For Curly Hair

Here are some tips that are going to help make the Balayage more vibrant, along with prioritizing hair health.

Use A Styling Cream

Curly hair can look like a bird’s nest at times, so you must style your hair with the right products. A Balayage is done by straightening your hair first and then the hair dye is applied, which can impart a lot of damage to your hair and it can lead to a frizzy mess.

What you want to do is choose a styling cream, that’s not only going to tame your unruly hair but also define the curls so that the Balayage can shine in all of its glory.

Get Products For Your Hair Type

Oftentimes than not, women can really mess with their hair, by not opting for products that are made for their specific hair type. Curly hair also has an extensive list of types. There is coiled hair, wavy hair, matted hair, thin curls, thicker curls; the list goes on.

The right products will not only make your hair look picture perfect, but it will also make the Balayage longer lasting and more prominent. So, do some research on your hair type and try to find products that work well for you.

Choose Moisturizing Products

Curly hair needs a lot of hydration and moisturization and after getting a Balayage, your hair will definitely need some attention. You need to look for products that have damage-restoring properties, protein and keratin-infused ingredients, and moisturizing benefits because those are going to make a world of difference in how your hair looks and feels.

Color-treated hair can be very brittle and in dire need of deep moisture restoration, so you need to invest in products that are going to restore damage and bring your hair back to life. Don’t try everything and only use products that work for your hair type.

Make The Balayage Stand Out

Certain styles can really put your Balayage under the spotlight. Yes, curly hair can be a hassle to style and take care of, but if you spare extra minutes on your hair every day and style it perfectly, then your hair is going to look stunning every single time.

A Balayage will look a lot better when your hair has texture and volume in it and the results can shine through intensely. If you’re spending a lot of money and time on getting Balayage on your unruly tresses, then a bit of styling won’t hurt either, rather it’s going to make every day a good hair day.

Use A Toner

Sometimes, with lighter-toned Balayage, the hair stylist will recommend a toner for the hair. The sole purpose of a toner is to make sure that your hair dye is not brassy at all and that the color is neutralized throughout. Your hair color will look much more vibrant even with regular use of a toner.

There are also toning shampoos and treatments available, that you can easily use in the shower and let the ingredients do their magic. So, the next time you’re getting a Balayage, no matter what your hair type is, go for a toner.


If you’re in the same boat and have super curly and thick hair, but can’t seem to commit to Balayage, then these tips and ideas will help you out a lot. For best results, get it done from an expert balayage Potomac stylist.

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