Best Short Hairstyles For Women With Round Faces

Best Short Hairstyles For Women With Round Faces


Some women with round faces avoid keeping or experimenting with short hairstyles in order to avoid their face to look even rounder, but this may prove wrong, in case you get the right hairstyle. This can be made possible only with the assistance of an expert hair stylist.

Hairstyles for women with a round face and short length hair

  • Cotton Candy

This hairstyle works amazingly well on women with round faces. Women with hair of less bulk can also experiment with this hairstyle.

In this cut, the hair on the sides is cut short while the hair on the top left side is kept as it is. Begin by wetting your hair with the help of a styling product, then use a styling brush to blow dry them and finally end up, setting the hairstyle using a hairspray.

  • Untucked

Avoid placing or tucking your hair behind the ears this in turn will make your face appear smaller as you will then have sufficient hair hanging on the sides of your face. Start by using a styling product to wet your hair then blow dry, after this make use of a flat iron to smoothen the hair. Now end up using a serum to add radiance and glimmer to your graceful hair.

  • Extreme asymmetric bob

In this hairstyle, hair on one side of the face is kept short whereas the hair on the other side is kept long. Begin by applying a styling product in order to wet your hair, then blow dry, using a styling brush and finally end up with the application of a serum in order to add shimmer to your hair.

  • Graduated Bob

In this hairstyle, the hair is kept short from the back and longer in front. This in turn makes your face appear narrow because the short hair falls on your face. For this hairstyle, start with the application of a styling product to wet them, then blow dry using a styling brush. And then apply a lightweight artifact, to add fluorescence and texture to your hair.

For more styles, visit the hair salon near you today!

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