Brazilian Blowout Hair Straightening Procedures

Brazilian Blowout Hair Straightening Procedures

Brazilian Blowout

“Brazilian Blowout” a chemical treatment used to make hair smooth and voluminous. Most of the women with frizzy, curly and unmanageable hair resort to this treatment. The effect of this treatment last for up to 60 days. In simple words, Brazilian straightening involves application of a protein solution and then use of intense heat with the help of a flat iron to seal the treatment into hair fiber. This treatment requires your hair in great condition.

Schedule a pre-straightening visit to your hair salon to evaluate your hair type and determine whether thermal reconditioning is right for you. However, it doesn’t come without any limitations due to the presence of different ingredients. But it’s always best to consult hair experts or refer to celebrity hair stylist to get the best advice on hair straightening. Check out some of the common hair straightening procedures adopted for this treatment at most of the hair straightening salons:


Hair stylist starts this treatment by washing hair with a good quality shampoo. The stylist doesn’t apply any conditioner as it hinders the soaking of the solution into the hair properly. After this, hair are towel-dried to take off any excess moisture and leave your hair tresses damp not wet.

Applying Solution

The application of hair straightening solution is the most important step as it makes your hair smooth. The hair expert works throughout the hair, starting from roots to edges. Earlier, most of the hair straightening products were made up of formaldehyde and this raised question on the safety of this treatment. However, the launch of formaldehyde-free solution has changed the mindset of people and raised the demand for this treatment at most of the hair salons.

Use of Flat Iron

After making your hair dry, stylist uses flat iron to seal the chemical into the hair cuticles. In this step, the effects of this treatment come into notice. Every stroke of flat iron makes your hair increasingly smooth and non-frizzy. and gives you option to try different haircut and styles.

Hair Conditioning

The final step is to rinse hair. The hair stylist applies a hair conditioning mask to make your hair healthy and shiny before final wash. This chemical treatment causes no hair damage and seal moisture into hair cuticles and thus prevents any hair damage.

Hair Styling

After the final rinse, the Brazilian Blowout gives the best look. However, many hairstylist dry and style their client’s hair without any charges. This gives the customer an opportunity to have a look on the full effects of this hair treatment.

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