Can You Straighten Hair Without Damage?

Can You Straighten Hair Without Damage?

Straight hair is the dream of most women, but the ways by which hair is straightened can be damaging to the hair. Permanent hair straightening salons offer treatments to have straight hair, however, if your objective is to get straight hair more naturally, then try out these heatless and non-damaging ways.

Blow Dry On Cool Setting

If you want to lay off on constantly using heat tools, then one way of straightening your hair without having to fry hair with heat is with a blow dryer. All you need for this is:

  • A round or paddle brush
  • A blow dryer with hot and cold settings

The trick to straightening your hair with a blow dryer without creating too much frizz is to work on a cold heat setting and use the brush to brush the strands in a downward direction from your roots.

Use The Hair Wrapping Method

This method was used in the older days when there weren’t any heat tools and straighteners available. This method works best on wet hair. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. You’ll need to have your hair wet for this method to work. So, have a spray bottle nearby to moisten the hair whenever you feel like the mane is getting dry.
  2. Take one section of the hair and wrap it over your head, securing it on the other side. You’ll want to use Bobby pins to hold the hair in place.
  3. The trick is to wrap sections around your head and secure them on the opposite side. So, the hair on the left will be secured on the right side and vice versa.
  4. After the wrapping is done, you’ll wait for your hair to dry completely and then you can unravel the hair for mind-blowing results.
  5. Don’t forget to style your hair in place with some strong hold hair spray and that’s pretty much it.

Now you can rock straight hair without risking any damage to your beautiful and healthy tresses.

The Velcro Roller Method

Another heatless method of straightening your hair is with plastic or Velcro rollers. The advantage of using Velcro rollers is that your hair will stick to the roller by itself and you won’t need to secure it with pins.

You’ll need to wrap strands of wet hair around the roller and secure them on top of your head. Then, you’re going to let your hair air dry and after the time is up, let your hair loose and reveal mostly straight hair. You can touch up the roots and the frizzy parts with a flat iron on a medium heat setting.

Use A Flat Iron Sparingly

If you want your hair health to be preserved, then you should use as few heat tools as possible on your hair. Heat is not good for the hair at all. It leads to brittleness, dullness, and frizz, and over time, these things can lead to extreme hair fall and bad hair health and growth.

So, save your hair straightener for special occasions, instead of using it regularly because that’s just going to damage your hair to no extent and it’s pretty much irreversible.

Use Heat Protectant

If you do want to style your hair with a flat iron or any other heating tool, you need to prepare your hair first. One of the biggest lifesavers is a heat protectant you can apply on your hair before using a hot flat iron to straighten it. The heat protectant acts as a barrier between the hair shaft and the hot plates of a flat iron and it protects your hair from severe damage without compromising the style.

A heat protectant is a must-have in your hair straightening arsenal because it will definitely save the day and your hair.

Use Hair Ties

If you want another effective way of straightening your hair without a flat iron, then this is a cool idea to try out. You’ll need to start with wet hair and part it down the middle. You’ll work with one section first.

Gather all of the hair on the left side of your head and secure it with a hair tie or elastic on the base, so that you’ll get a ponytail.

Now you’ll need more hair ties and you’ll secure each hair tie about half an inch from the previous one until you reach the tips of your hair. Do the same on the other side and wait for your hair to dry completely. Then let the hair tie down and you’ll be amazed by the results.

Don’t Style Wet Hair

A very common mistake a lot of women make when styling their hair with heat tools is doing it on wet hair. You should never style sopping wet hair because that’s going to fry your hair out even more and the amount of frizz produced will be astronomical. You want to style dry hair at all times because wet hair is extremely weak and susceptible to damage.

Avoid Using Too Many Products

While hair products are great to use, they can also ruin the style of your hair. It is recommended that you don’t style hair that already has products in it. Hair that’s covered in masks, emollient creams, and leave-in conditioner is not going to hold the style at all, and you’ll be wasting your time for nothing.

Always wash your hair before styling it because a clean scalp and product-free hair will be styled easily and in a better way and the mane won’t look greasy at all either. This tip is great to remember, especially if you’re a beginner in the hair styling realm.

The Wet Bun

Talk about waking up with picture-perfect hair. Well, now you can achieve just that. A great overnight hairstyle that you can do to straighten your hair is a wet bun. A lot of the time, wet hair can be straightened pretty easily with the right style.

So, when you’re getting ready for bed, secure your wet hair in a top knot on your head. Make sure that you’re not twisting the hair when making a bun, rather you should be wrapping it around a central core.

In the morning, once you let the hair down, it will have a nice, sleek, and straight look and there’s no need of styling it further.

Use Smoothening Products

The products you use on your hair are going to make your hair healthy and straight too, of course. This is why you should always find protein-infused products that have smoothening properties. These products will work on your hair like magic and you’ll see significant results just with a couple of uses.

Invest in hair masks and serums that reduce frizz and dryness because these products will work better than any styling creams, heat tools, and hairstyles.


Who would’ve guessed that you can straighten your hair like that? These ideas are excellent and they work amazingly every single time. You can ditch the flat iron easily because you won’t be needing it any time soon. If you want to try something new, you can get your hair chemically straightened from a keratin treatment salon Potomac. The treatment lasts for months so you won’t have to use damaging methods to straighten hair every day.

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