Everything You Need to Know About Non-Surgical Hair Replacement for Men

Everything You Need to Know About Non-Surgical Hair Replacement for Men

Balding and alopecia are devastating especially because sometimes they begin at an earlier age. Technological advancement has made it possible to counter hair loss. Nonsurgical hair replacement for men Potomac is one of the easiest and the best solution for dealing with balding. There are several numbers of nonsurgical hair transplant for men techniques including hair piece for men, wigs and hair extensions that are available in the market.

The procedure for Applying the Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

The first step is a visit to the hair salon and the stylist will assess your hair loss. The hairpiece for men is custom made and it’s therefore important that an assessment is done. During the assessment, the hair stylist will take note of your hair color, hair density, and hair direction to ensure that the chosen hairpiece gives you a natural look.

After assessing the hair stylist will then attach a transparent layer mostly made of [polyurethane, monofilament or lace to your skin which acts as a second skin layer and forms a tight membrane. The membrane has hairpiece on it which matches your hair as much as possible.

Characteristics of a good hair pieces system

  • Undetectable

Most men prefer to keep their baldness a secret and its therefore important the hair system look as natural as possible. The liquid membrane should be attached to the epidermis and made to look as though as natural as possible. Polyurethane comes with a thin layer and it’s the best if you prefer to keep your baldness a secret.

  • Light in Weight

The hairpiece that you choose should be as light as possible. Heavy hairpiece will result in discomfort and constant headaches

  • Comfortable to wear

The best hairpiece to wear is one that doesn’t interrupt your daily activities. You can shower in it, go for a swim and exercise in and it remains secure and comfortable.

Things You Should Know About Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

  • How Much is the Cost?

The cost of the hair system will depend on the density, size, and length. There may be an additional cost which is the maintenance fee. Visit the hair salon and consult on the price of the hairpiece for men.

  • Is there is Risk Involved / Side Effects or Disadvantages

The nonsurgical hair transplant for men has no risk but has a few disadvantages which are not life-threatening. There are no known side effects of the nonsurgical hair replacement. The below are the disadvantages;


The membranes require constant Maintainance to keep the natural effect. You need to pay the hair stylist a visit for hair trimming to keep the system looking good. The membrane will also wear out and require maintenance and require certain products to keep looking amazing. The disadvantage is that you need to take special care of the membrane and that requires more time.

It Involves money and time investment

Hairpiece system is not a one-time investment. You will need to keep going for maintenance and replacing the membrane. It’s therefore important to note it’s not a one-day investment.

What are the Advantages of this method

Instant results

The application process is quite fast and you will instant results


The nonsurgical hair transplant is an affordable way of dealing with balding as compared to the surgical method.

No Pain No Hassles

The method is simple and there is no pain that you will experience.

Who Should Perform the Non-Surgical Hair replacement

To get the best results, its best that you visit the hair salon and let the expert do the nonsurgical hair replacement for men. The expert will assess your hair and advise on the best option for your hair.

Will people Know am Wearing a Hair Piece?

It’s important that you find a reliable hair piece for men expert to ensure professional application. Visit the top-rated hair salons for the best outcome.

Continued advanced techniques for Nonsurgical hair transplant for men have made it possible to have your hair back looking more gorgeous than before. To get the best results for the nonsurgical hair replacement for men , it’s important to ensure that it’s done by a professional. Once the hair systems are applied you can enjoy an interrupted four weeks.


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