Everything You Need To Know About Professional Hair Extensions

Everything You Need To Know About Professional Hair Extensions

hair color and highlightsMany of us consider hair extensions as the latest fashion trend. While a few of us consider it as negative because of using fake hair, tangles galore and messy glues. With time, the negative side of hair extensions have decreased as now the process of braiding or tracking the locks into the natural hair has no longer be painful. Forget the technology of yesteryear and see why extensions are in the spotlight among most of the people.

The innovative technological advancements have changed the look of hair extensions and offers easy and safe methods of hair straightening. With revolution in the beauty standards, professional hair salons are popular. These salons offer limitless haircut and styles from hair color transformations and new textures to provide fullness. Today, human hair extensions are not only known to add length. For several years, most of the people believed that extensions damages hair. President of So.CAP.USA Hair extensions believes that its completely safe method of attachment and people should be reeducated to acknowledge the benefits of hair extensions. It’s not just a way to add length but a useful measure to add texture, color and volume.

Hair Composition:

Most of the extension manufacturers use only real human hair to give a complete natural look. Furthermore, extensions are offered in range of colors and textures to ensure a perfect match with your skin tone. SO.CAP.USA offers the widest range with 91 color options in 3 different textures-wavy, straight and curls. However, most of the reputed companies offer range of hair color and highlights options to suit any hairstyle.

The wide variety of options gives endless possibilities. It also provides an opportunity for less adventurous people to try a new look as use of hair extensions protects hair from the use of harmful chemicals like regular hair color contains. Many hair salons use pre-bonded hair extensions rather than a separate adhesive and it can be a messy affair. SO.CAP.USA hair extensions have taken the look of pre-bonded extensions by using 100% keratin pre-bonded tips. Keratin is the protein of our own hair and helps to create strong, healthy and long lasting bonds. Moreover, keratin bonds are easy and safe to remove unlike with harmful adhesives which were used earlier.

Bonding Methods:

Although, there are different types of bonding procedures including hot and cold fusion techniques. The cold fusion technique, pioneered by SO.CAP.USA hair extensions is a latest technology using ultrasound waves to bond each extension to natural hair. The absence of heat in this technique allows bonding closer to the scalp and creates a more invisible bond.

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