Everything You Need To Know About SO.CAP Hair Extensions

Everything You Need To Know About SO.CAP Hair Extensions

 professional hair extension servicesHair extensions are new and exciting trend. The hair extension technology has progressed a lot. Previously, hair extensions had negative image of tangles, glue, hair fall and fake appearance, but now hair extensions look exactly like natural hair and are easy to install and remove. Many hair salons offer professional hair extension services.

Modern SO.CAP Hair Extensions

SOCAP Hair Extensions are one of those modern hair extensions that can give you the hair of your dreams. Whether you want volume, length, ornamental flair or fancy highlights, SO.CAP Hair Extensions will let you to customize your hairstyle with precision. SO.CAP lets you choose the color, texture and length to create a natural and unique look. These hair extensions are made from human hair are available in more than 90 colors and 3 textures –curly, wavy and straight. This provides you an opportunity to find the hair extensions that perfectly blend with your hair.

SOCAP Hair Extension Technology

Unlike other hair extension installation methods where glue, clips, taps or heat is used, SOCAP Hair Extensions are installed via keratin bonds. Keratin is a natural protein present in human hair. It creates healthy, strong and long-lasting bonds. This method is safe and simple.

Cold fusion procedure is used to install the SOCAP Hair Extensions. Here hair is attached by utilizing ultrasound technology. The absence of heat lets the SOCAP to be fused closer to the scalp and generates invisible bonds. Cold fusion is the ideal hair extension installation method for chemically-treated hair. The bonding substance crystallizes and can be dissolved if you wish to remove your hair extensions.

SO.CAP Hair Extensions are made from the natural hair. It means you can cut, color, straight, curl and style just like your natural hair. However, you will have to pay attention over hair extension maintenance to enjoy the hair extension for a long time.

In order enjoy the best of SOCAP hair extensions, opt for reputable hair extension salon for installation. You will not only find the arrant quality hair extension in good hair salon, but hair extension professionals will guide you in choosing the best hair extension.

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