Expert-Approved Dos And Don’ts Of Hair Highlights

Expert-Approved Dos And Don’ts Of Hair Highlights

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There is something about new season that motivates for a new look. A hair color change can perk up your complexion for the cold days ahead. Getting full hair color is one thing, and highlighting is another. Even if you are getting full hair color, add highlights to provide dimension and style to your hair. There are many hair color salon offering full hair color and highlights services. Highlights can add appeal to your bone structure and make hair shine in the sun.

Things to know about hair highlights

When you opt for hair highlights, only a few strands of hair are exposed to the hair coloring chemicals. There are plenty of color options available for highlighting the hair. You can choose one or more colors at the same time to highlight your manes. Hair highlights can look good only if they are done properly. Wrong highlights will make your hair look stripy or brassy.

Dos And Don’ts Of Hair Highlights

DO frame your face

Placement of highlights plays an important role in deciding the final look. No matter if you have chosen all beautiful colors for highlights, you need to place them on your hair properly. Highlights should be lighter at the tip, and darker at the roots.

DO have dimension and depth

Over highlighted hair looks flat. Highlights should vary in lightness and size and should accent your base hair color, not overshadow it. Make sure your highlights match with the tone of your hair. If your base color is warm, then warm highlight will look good on you. If your base hair color is cool, then sandy or beige highlights will be apt for you. And if you have a neutral base color then you can opt for either warm or cool highlights.

DON’T add too many colors

Yes, you are free to experiment with different colors when highlighting your hair, you need to be cautious while choosing the number of colors. Too many different colors look unreal. Never use more than two colors to highlight your hair.

DON’T go too light

Don’t ever try highlights that are so light that they match your skin color. This will make you look dull. You should always have contrast between your skin tone and your hair color.

DON’T opt for DIY highlights

Hair highlighting is an art. It is important to get highlights done in a correct manner. You should visit the best hair salon to get highlights done.


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