Hair extensions guide: How to select, wear and care

Hair extensions guide: How to select, wear and care

hair extensionsIf you wonder how celebs get dreamy locks within one night, then you might be interested in learning about hair extensions. The hair extensions are magical hair accessories that can transform your entire look within a few minutes. You can find many cheap hair extensions on the market, but human hair extensions are the extensions that you should opt for. This hair extensions look and feel natural and no one will be able to recognize that you are wearing extensions. However, you have to pay special attention while selecting, wearing and caring hair extensions. Then only you will be able to grab the flawless look.

How to select hair extensions

In order to make your extensions look natural, buy hair extensions that look like your natural hair. Be very cautious while selecting color and texture of your hair extension. When selecting the color, make sure you visit the hair salon during the day. Comparing hair color in the natural light is the only way to make certain that you buy the best match.

How to wear hair extensions

Try to match your hair extensions with your natural hair as much as you can. After purchasing the hair extensions, take the extensions to the hairdresser and trim the extensions as per the length of your natural hair. Also, you can opt for hair coloring, straightening or curling services to make your hair extensions appear more real.

Hair extension installation is another big task. No matter you have opted for weave-in, clip-in, tap-in or keratin bonding hair extensions, it is not easy to install hair extensions on your own. Thus, go to hair salon and ask hair extension experts to install the extensions. Proper installation of hair extension is vital. Otherwise, you will not get the look that you want.

How to care for hair extensions

Hair extension maintenance is not difficult, but it does require maintenance. Always comb hair extensions with soft brush and never comb them when they are wet. Do not wash hair extensions too often. Always use sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. The harmful chemicals can damage the hair extensions.

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