Hair Rebonding: How It’s Done, Benefits, And Downsides

Hair Rebonding: How It’s Done, Benefits, And Downsides

Straight hair; it’s the lifelong dream of most women and luckily there are plenty of ways by which you can achieve a smooth and shiny mane. Hair rebonding is one of those magical ways. You can get it from a Japanese hair straightening salon. Here is everything you need to know about it.

Hair Rebonding

Hair rebonding or Japanese hair straightening is a process in which the hair is permanently straightened by using chemicals and heat. Usually, a treatment is applied to the hair and then it is left for some time, and afterward, a hot tool is used to straighten the hair and fuse the treatment in place.

The results are shocking and you will be surprised to feel the texture of your hair. Hair rebonding can straighten the curliest of hair and make it look pin-straight.

How Is Hair Rebonding Done?

Here is what you can expect in a hair rebonding treatment:

  1. Firstly, your hair will be washed and dried with a blow dryer. It’s important that there isn’t any product or buildup in your hair before the treatment, otherwise, the results just won’t be the same.
  2. After the hair is completely dried, the next step involves the sectioning of the hair into smaller and manageable chunks. This is going to ensure that the hair treatment works properly on all of the hair strands and that the results are amazing.
  3. Next, a hair relaxing treatment is applied and left on the hair for 40 to 45 minutes depending on the curliness of the hair and how straight you want the hair to be, in the end. A hair-relaxing treatment is responsible for breaking the bonds in your hair and making it texture-free.
  4. After the relaxer has been applied, the hair is steamed for 30 minutes, before it is washed and dried completely.
  5. A keratin treatment is applied to ensure that the hair isn’t lacking in nutrients and that the tresses are soft and frizz-free.
  6. Lastly, a neutralizer is applied that is going to “set” the strands in place and it’s also going to ensure that the hair stays straight for longer.
  7. The last round of washing and drying the hair is done and in the end, the hair is straightened by using a flat iron.

Benefits Of Hair Rebonding

Here are the most popular benefits of hair rebonding:

No Frizz

Your hair will be frizz-free after this treatment. The relaxing treatment that’s applied at the beginning of the rebonding process breaks down the structure of protein in your hair leaving it straight and free from frizz.

Healthy-Looking Hair

Straight hair has the illusion of looking way more healthier than it is. Hair rebonding is a great way to make your hair look sleek, shiny, and straight, but also healthy.

There’s just something about straight hair that’s so mesmerizing to look at and even though it might be damaged, there’s still an element of healthiness to it and not a lot of people can get an inkling that this procedure might also be bad for your hair and can damage the strands.

This quality is owed to the keratin treatment applied in the rebonding process, which restores the hair health and makes it look beautiful.

Straight Hair

The most obvious benefit of hair rebonding is the fact that your hair will be super straight. It’s a known fact that hair rebonding can straighten any type of hair permanently as long as it’s done right.

So, if you’re worried that you have extremely thick and curly hair and that rebonding won’t make much of a difference, then you can rest assured because your hair will dramatically change in texture after the treatment. You will fall in love with your hair and the sleek and straight look it will have. Hair rebonding truly is magic.

Side Effect Of Hair Rebonding

Here are the downsides of a hair rebonding treatment:

Hair Damage

Hair rebonding is great and all, but that doesn’t mean that all of the treatments, heat, and manipulation aren’t going to adversely affect the hair. There is going to be some sort of damage to the hair whether it’s by the hands of the chemical treatments being used or the general heat exposure.

Chemical hair straightening procedures always seem to be the best options, but they can impart a lot of damage to the strands and if you’re not too careful, then it can lead to lifelong hair damage and breakage. So, make sure you go to only reliable salons.

It Doesn’t Suit Everyone

Hair rebonding isn’t for everyone. There are different hair types and only certain hair types and densities are eligible to be rebonded. If you already suffer from a lot of hair damage then your mane lacks in the protein and keratin department and that’s going to severely affect the health of your hair if you still get a hair rebonding treatment.

Also, try to avoid this treatment if you already have thin and damaged hair because the results won’t be the same and you’ll only be damaging your hair more by exposing it to harsh chemicals and heat.

Hair Breakage

Another very common demerit of hair rebonding is hair fall. Your hair is treated with a relaxing treatment and neutralizers, so it’s going to have side effects on the tresses. Your hair just won’t be the same and it can also turn dry and brittle. This can ultimately lead to a lot of hair fall and breakage of the strands from the weirdest of places. Your hair will lose its health over time if you’re not maintaining and taking care of it. A lot of women usually stay away from hair rebonding because of this very fact.

No Washing

This is more like a precaution than anything. If you’ve just gotten your hair rebonding treatment, then it’s best that you don’t wash your hair for at least 3 to 4 days.

The main gist of hair rebonding is to ensure that the hair stays straight for longer and if you’re washing it immediately after the treatment, then all of the hard work and endurance of the hair is going to go down the drain and you’ve not only wasted your precious time but a lot of money as well. This is why it’s best to leave the hair for as long as humanly possible.

It’s Expensive To Maintain

After getting your hair rebonded, it’s also a huge pain in the neck to maintain because you’re going to have to invest in a lot of damage-restoring and straightening products that have keratin and protein infused in them.

Maintaining rebonded hair is nothing less than stressful and you are spending a lot of money on different products as well. So, it gets people to think whether the treatment is even worth it or not. You also need to take care of the hair a lot more because you should not swim or sweat too much. Plus, you should use the right products. That can be pretty challenging for some people.


Hair rebonding is a great way to completely get rid of frizz and make your unruly hair look tamed and gorgeous permanently, but it’s hard to maintain and can damage your hair. Get the advice of the expert of a permanent hair straightening salon Potomac to know which chemical straightening method is right for you.

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