How Do You Make Hair Extensions Not Look Fake?

How Do You Make Hair Extensions Not Look Fake?

Hair extensions are great because they give your hair that extra length and volume without having to play the waiting game. If you really want the full effect of luscious and voluminous hair, then either go to salons that do hair extensions or follow these tips if you want to put on the hair extensions yourself.

Style Your Hair & Extensions Accordingly

Firstly, you want to think about how you’re going to style your extensions. You want your hairstyle to look even throughout your hair and extensions, which is why you should take some time and style all of your hair.

The easiest way to style your hair and extensions and make them look blended is by curling your hair. It’s going to give your hair extra lift, volume, and your hair extensions will look like a part of your natural hair.

Cut Your Hair

Another thing that can make the extensions look fake is the difference in length. When you get extensions on your hair, it’s important that your hair technician is trimming the hair as well.

Usually, hair extensions come in a standard length, then they can be cut to the length of your natural hair after the application is done. This small trim can make a world of a difference in your hair and your extensions won’t look too obvious either. After having them trimmed, you can even style the extensions with your natural hair, so that everything looks even and uniform.

Tease The Hair Before Applying Extensions

This tip is especially important for people with thinner or very fine hair. If you want your extensions to stay hidden, then tease the crown of your head. This is going to create a voluminous base for your hair on which the extensions can stick very easily and they will be concealed pretty well too.

Teasing the hair also makes it possible for the extensions to blend in with the rest of your locks and the overall result will be even and smooth hair. The trick is to tease the base of your roots slightly so that it looks kind of lifted and not like a bird’s nest. You can then use this area to place your extensions and hide them in place.

Your hair won’t look perfect right now and that’s totally normal. After applying all of the extensions, the hair technician will style your hair and that’s what’s going to be the cherry on top and your hair will look completely transformed.

Wash The Extensions

This might sound peculiar, but yes, washing your extensions will give them a more natural look. Washing the extensions will get rid of that fake shininess in the hair and the extensions will look very much like your own hair. The band of the extensions also gets wider as you wash it and that’s going to secure the hair in place and make them last longer too.

You can either shampoo your hair with the extensions in or if you are going for clip-in extensions, then you can wash the strands separately to give the hair a more natural look.

Treat The Extensions As You Would Your Hair

If you want your extensions to not look fake at all, then you might want to start treating them like your natural hair. You can safely apply treatments, masks, and oil to your hair, including the extensions, as long as you’re not touching the band from where the extensions are secured on your scalp.

If you apply similar treatments and masks to your hair and to your extensions, then it’s going to make your hair texture even throughout. There won’t be patches of rough hair in the extensions and your hair will look blended throughout.

Place Extensions Higher On The Head

This application tip is very useful for people who think that their extensions can poke out from their place and look very fake. One thing you can do to rectify this situation is to place the extensions higher on the scalp. This is going to make sure that your extensions have a lot of hair to cover up the band.

Before applying the extensions on your head, you want to make sure that you’re teasing the scalp in order to create a mass of hair that will help to hide the hair extensions later. This tip is going to ensure that your extensions stay hidden and that they don’t look fake at all.

Less Is More

If you have very thin hair and you’re afraid that the extensions won’t be able to stay hidden, then you want to go with this tip. Try to apply fewer extensions on your hair, if you have very short or fine hair. This is going to make your hair look voluminous, but it won’t give away the fact that you’re wearing extensions.

Applying fewer extensions will give you a more natural look and although your hair will definitely look longer and fuller, it won’t be too obvious that you’re wearing extensions, as they will blend right in.

Get The Right Color

This is a very important tip to follow when you’re deciding on getting extensions on your hair. You need to be meticulous about the color matching of your extensions. You don’t even want a shade to be out of place, otherwise, the whole look will be ruined.

You want to look for the exact color as your natural hair, because that’s going to do the most for your hair and you won’t have to resort to other styling techniques to make the extensions look real. If you select the right color of hair extensions, then everything will fall into place. But this tip comes after choosing human hair over synthetic hair if you can afford the higher cost.

Keep The Hair Texture In Mind

Another very important thing that you need to keep in mind is the hair texture. You want to get extensions that match your hair texture as well. If you have dead straight hair, then you want to go for straight hair extensions.

If you have wavy or curly hair, then you want to get extensions that will match that hair texture accordingly. This is also going to come in handy when you’re trying to camouflage the extensions and make them look as natural as possible. This small detail will make all of the difference in how your hair looks after the hair extensions have been applied.

Extensions Come In A Set For A Reason

If you’ve ever gotten extensions before, then you would know that they come in a pack of either 5 wefts for thinner hair, or 9 wefts, for extremely thick hair.

You don’t want to go over this number, because anything more than this, for a specific thickness of hair, will end up looking very fake and unappealing, and you’ll want to remove the excess of hair extensions. So, trust the allocated number of extensions, because that’s going to look the most natural.


Applying hair extensions requires a bit of technique and if you follow these tips, your hair will look very cohesive and your extensions will look like a part of your natural hair. For a flawless look, get hair extensions in salon Potomac.

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