How Often Should You Cut Your Hair?

How Often Should You Cut Your Hair?

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It may sound unreal, but the trick to healthy, strong and even long hair is cutting them at regular intervals. But, how often you should cut your hair? Well, it truly depends on your hair. There are certain guidelines and timelines regarding haircut frequencies that rely on the length, health, texture and of course your hairstyle. It is not easy to generalize the haircut schedule. You can visit hair salon and ask the professional hairstylist about this. A professional hairstylist will analyze your hair and suggest you how often you require to trim your hair.

Trim Your Natural Hair

On an average, hair grows half-inch every month. Though some hair will grow slower or faster than others, they should be trimmed time to time. If not cut, hair gets dry from the ends. This makes hair brittle, and they split from the ends. This is the reason why hair care professionals recommend hair trimming in every 6 weeks. Regular haircuts not only keep your hair in good health, but also help you in maintaining your hairstyle.

Getting haircuts

If your hair is short and structured, you should cut your hair between 3 and 7 weeks. This helps you in maintaining specific hairstyle, as you want to keep the look polished and precise look. When your hair is short, haircuts are required more for maintaining the hairstyle rather than maintaining the hair length. If you want to grow your hair, you can cut your hair after every 7 weeks. And if you want to maintain your hairstyle, you can chop your hair off in every 3 weeks.

If your hair is long and healthy and you are not willing to sacrifice the hair length, you can trim 3 to 4 times a year. Trimming is important to preserve the hair quality. You will not get split ends.

If your hair is damaged, then you should cut your hair in every 8 weeks. This will help you in keeping your hair in healthy condition. You can specifically instruct your hairstylist to trim the split ends. Dry and damaged hair ruins the beauty of haircut and hairstyle.

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