How to Keep Your Hair Hydrated in the Summer Heat

How to Keep Your Hair Hydrated in the Summer Heat

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For sure, you get those sun-kissed highlights in summer, but summer heat can also be the culprit behind your dehydrated, parched hair. If your hair is looking dry this summer, you need to moisturize your manes from root to tip. You can try DIY hacks as well as visit hair salon to keep your hair hydrated and moisturized.

Summer hair care routine

Summer heat and humidity may damage your hair resulting in drab, dry, brittle, split or frizzy hair and rough ends. Sun exposure can be damaging to unprotected hair. Summer heat can damage all type, texture, length and color of hair. It is very much important to protect the hair from summer heat. You need to change your hair care routine to keep your hair in healthy condition during hot summers.

The summer hair care tips

Hydrate from the Inside, Out

It is important to keep your hair hydrated. So, drink a lot of water, juices and smoothies throughout the summer. Keep the water bottle nearby for quick accessibility. Lack of hydration may make your strands brittle and more prone to damage and frizz, so drink up!

Change Your Routine

In case, you are noticing split-ends, dry hair and damaged hair, you need to change your hair care routine right away. Take a sneak peek over below mentioned hair care tips:

-Use frizz control shampoo and conditioner

-Apply hair oil at least once in a week

-Apply hair mask occasionally

-Opt for good hair care treatment

Turn Down the Heat

Avoid using blow-dryer and flattening iron during hot summer days. Too much heat will steal the moisture from your hair. Let hair dried-up naturally. Also, if styling is necessary, use heat protection sprays first.

Cover your hair

Whenever you go out try covering your hair with cloth. You can uses stylish scarfs for this purpose. This will protect your hair from summer heat. Also, protect your hair from chlorinated and salty water.

It is important to provide special care to hair during hot summer months. If your hair started looking really dull and dry in summer, you can consult with a celebrity hairstylist regarding best hair care routine for summer.

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