How To Protect Hair Extensions In Summer?

How To Protect Hair Extensions In Summer?

Do you want to rock long and luscious hair in the summer, that too without the commitment? Well, getting hair extensions in salon is the solution. But hair extensions can become hard to handle in the scorching heat. Here are some helpful tips.

Taking Care Of Your Hair Extensions In Summer

Wear Your Hair Up

The easiest way to care for your extensions in the summer is to wear the hair up. Your neck can get very sweaty and hair can get stuck to the skin and it can be irritating to wear your hair down. So, do yourself a favor and go for hairdos that pile your hair up.

They don’t have to be too tight. You just want the hair and the extensions out of the face and skin, so that sweat won’t be an issue.

Low buns, ponytails, and even braids coiled in a bun will look chic and classy and you’ll protect your hair extensions from getting all clumped up and sweaty, so that’s always a huge plus.

Loose And Flowy Hair

It’s summer and no one likes tight and tense hairstyles. If you’re wearing extensions and don’t want your scalp to go through a tugging nightmare, then you can try to wear your hair in a loose hairdo that won’t pull on the strands. This is easy and manageable for everyone who wears extensions because hair extensions and tight hairstyles don’t go together at all.

So, save your hair from the misery and try to tie your hair pretty loose. Using a claw clip to secure the hair is the best way to keep the hair out of the face without tugging on the extensions.

Loose braids and buns are also quite easy to do and the best part? You don’t even have to wake up early to style your hair. Just throw your hair back, secure it, and you’re out the door in 5 minutes. Who said stylish hairdos have to take an hour to complete? Not anymore.

Say No To Heat

It’s already blazing hot outside, so save your hair from the extra damage of heat. It’s hard to let go of your beloved hair tools, especially when you’re wearing extensions, but most people forget the fact that heat can weaken the hair extensions and they can fall off if you’re not being too careful.

So, ditch the heating tools for the summer and stick to heatless styles and simple hairdos because sometimes the simplest of things are the best. You don’t need any more heat in your hair when there’s a giant ball of fire wreaking havoc everywhere.

Keep Chlorine At Bay

This might be a bummer for some people because summer is synonymous with jumping in the pool or taking a dip in the breezy and cool ocean. Well, your hair extensions might beg to differ. You can seriously damage your hair by exposing it to chlorine and excess salt. And if you’re wearing extensions, then you can kiss your beautiful hair texture goodbye.

Chlorine and salt can dry out the scalp and make the extensions and their bonding very weak, so you can’t expect them to look picture-perfect after being exposed to harsh chemicals in the water.

Protect Your Extensions

If you don’t want to permanently avoid the pool, then there is a way by which you can enjoy the cold water without making your extensions scream. Protecting your extensions is key if you want to make them last throughout the summer.

There are special waterproof caps that you can tuck your hair into and it will not allow water to penetrate the hair at all. It’s a snug fit and you can use this to keep your hair and extensions safe from chlorine and salt. It’s a lifesaver for women who wear extensions a lot.

Wear A Hat

Summer is all about the blazing heat of the sun and your hair is the most exposed part of your head that gets the hot brunt of this ball of fire. If you don’t want your scalp to be fried, then you need to wear a cap to keep the heat at bay.

You might not know this, but heat can also weaken the hair extensions and they can cause the extensions to unravel and become loose. Not to mention, the bare head exposed to the sun can give you a major headache. So, don’t put yourself through that and get a wide hat that will not only protect your extensions and hair but also your face from sunburns.

Nourish Your Hair

Just because it’s summer, doesn’t mean that you can’t nourish your hair back to health. Summer is the perfect time because the weather is not overly dry like winter, so you can enjoy the weather and rejuvenate your hair at the same time.

Hair masks are a godsend when your hair and scalp is in dire need of some care. You can either go for store-bought masks or make your own at home. Regardless, the results will be amazing.

Don’t Over-Shampoo

You might be tempted to wash your hair every single day in the summer months because of the sweat and overall sebum buildup in your hair, but you should refrain from doing so. When you’re wearing extensions, shampooing a lot can lead to dryness in the hair and that’s bad for the mane.

Dry hair extensions mean that they’re not strong enough to hold themselves and they can get tangled, frizzy, and extremely dry. So, don’t think about shampooing the hair on a regular basis. Twice a week is more than enough to get your hair and scalp clean.

Brush Gently

Another thing that a lot of people don’t care about is how they brush their hair when they have extensions on. Your hair and extensions are kind of meshed together. If you’re being gentle on the extensions, you’re ultimately preventing your natural strands from getting ripped off.

So, whenever you’re brushing your hair, try to go easy on the scalp and gently move your way towards the tips. This technique will distribute all of the oils in the hair and the extensions and you’ll get done in no time at all. Slow and gentle brushing is the way to go. Make sure to use a wide-toothed comb first or use your fingers to gently shape your hair before using a brush.

Give Your Mane A Break

You don’t want to expose your hair to chemicals and hair dye either. Since you’re wearing extensions in the mane, it’s not a good idea to slap on some damaging dye for the sake of change.

Summer is the right time for giving your hair a breather. So, say no to everything hair dye-related. Your hair will thank you in the future and your extensions will also last for a longer time.

Remember, if you take care of the hair extensions, then they will love you right back and make you look gorgeous.


Hair extensions are awesome, but heat and sweat can take a toll on them. So, when you put on hair extensions yourself or get them from salons that do hair extensions Potomac, remember these tips to make the things easier and manageable for yourself.

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