Is a Keratin Hair Treatment Really Necessary?

Is a Keratin Hair Treatment Really Necessary?

No matter the gender, all people tend to get too conscious of how their hair looks. Everywhere you look, you will find lots of hair salons most likely in every corner of your neighborhood. Whether it’s a Brazilian blowout salon or a hair extensions salon, there is a type of salon that will cater to your hair styling and treatment needs.

One of the most popular hair treatments nowadays is keratin treatment. It basically helps lessen your hair frizz and makes your hair shinier, softer, and more manageable.

But the question is whether you really need to have to schedule a keratin treatment by a hairstylist or any hair products would suffice.

What you need to know about keratin treatments

As mentioned, a keratin treatment refers to a procedure that can help in making your hair shinier and smoother. Keratin treatment may be known as Brazilian keratin straightening. You can opt to go to a salon to have keratin treatment or opt for DIY treatments you can do at home.

Specifically, keratin lessens your hair’s porosity and lessens the risk of damage and tangles. Basically, a keratin treatment aims to put back the lost protein on your hair due to exposure to hair products and other harsh elements. Hence, you can expect life-changing results for your hair.

So, what you can expect if you decide to have a keratin treatment? For one thing, most keratin products contain chemicals such as formaldehyde, a major ingredient that helps in making hair straight and frizz-free. However, there are already some keratin products that are formaldehyde-free and won’t alter your hair texture.

The process starts by washing your hair. Next, the hairstylist will apply the keratin solution on your hair and let it sit for about an hour. There are some stylists who prefer blowdrying the hair first before applying keratin. A hair iron will then be used to seal the treatment in the hair and achieve the results you are looking forward to.

Is it different from other straightening or relaxing treatments?

There are many ways that keratin treatment differs from permanent or hair relaxing treatments. For one thing, the former only lasts for a few months depending on how often you wash your hair. If you are naturally blonde, make sure to consult a professional hairstylist first before having keratin or any other hair treatments for that matter.

A permanent hair straightening salon usually offers treatments that contain ingredients such as hydroxide to “relax” the hair. In the process, it breaks your hair’s bonds and can make your hair more prone to damage. On a side note, permanent straightening treatments usually last around six months up to a year depending on the level of care applied to your hair.

As mentioned, there are DIY keratin products and keratin-infused hair products you can use. However, you may not expect long-lasting results unlike when you have a keratin treatment in a Brazilian blowout salon. Still, it can be a good keratin treatment alternative depending on your set expectations and budget.

Other essential tips in keratin treatment

For one thing, it is important to choose a salon that doesn’t use keratin products with formaldehyde. This chemical is often linked to cancer and can cause other adverse side effects. Nonetheless, it is best to do your own research and be wary of any products that will be put on your hair. If you still want to try keratin treatment, here are some tips to go by.

  • Follow your hairdresser’s advice. If he or she says you should not put clips or tie it up Ariana Grande-style, then don’t. Experts also suggest not to wet your hair for two days to achieve optimum results.
  • Make sure to follow proper after-care for your keratin-treated hair. The better hair care you do, the longer its effect will last. Better yet, use sulfate-free hair products for better hair health.
  • Because a lot of keratin treatment products contain formaldehyde, you should ensure that the area is ventilated. This is to lessen the risk of inhaling hazardous chemicals during treatment, which in turn can cause potential health risks.
  • You can have keratin treatments every few months just to maintain your hair health. In fact, it is better than ironing your hair daily.

Visit a keratin treatment salon today

If you want to have a keratin treatment, make sure to turn to the experts. Visit the best salons specializing in Brazilian keratin straightening in Potomac today!

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