Latest Hair Straightening Methods

Latest Hair Straightening Methods

Hair Straightening Techniques

Wondering what the latest popular straightening methods for hair are? Learn what they are and which are the best for the health of your hair and your wallet.

Straight hair never goes out of style. If you’ve been wearing your hair curly or wavy lately and would like to go back straight, you can easily do so, no matter what type of hair you have. You can choose to do the hair straightening yourself or use a professional in Rockville, MD. Of course, using a salon expert in Potomac, MD would ensure that you get the quality results we all desire.

Two of the most popular methods of hair straightening today happens to be the Brazilian Keratin Treatment (BKT) and the Dominican Blowout. If you’re looking for a way to straighten your hair without damaging it, these are the best options for you. A lot of folks are looking for healthier options, so it’s no surprise that these two methods are so popular.

With the BKT, a solution is placed into your hair and instead of being rinsed out, it is flat ironed into your hair, giving it a semi-permanent straight look. You are not allowed to wear a hair bow or wet your hair for a few days. During these three days, your hair is becoming straightened, so if you crinkle your hair it will remain there and be hard to remove. So you should avoid wrapping your hair at night as well. After the three-day period, you can wet it, wear hair bows and do anything else you want with it. Once wet, your hair is able to dry quickly and swiping a flat iron or using a blow dryer to straighten it out is quick and easy. Your hair will look glossy, straight and will have better health, thanks to the natural keratin used in the solution that is placed in your hair (keratin is naturally found in hair and nails).

With the Dominican blowout, your hair is either roller set then blow dried or blow dried while wet. The end result is the same – shiny, bouncy, straight hair. No flat irons are used and no chemicals are placed in your hair.

The Dominican blow out and BKT both are safe, use no harsh chemicals and minimal heat, giving you long-lasting results. If you would like to receive either one of these treatments, you can visit Hair By Moses in MD.

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