Let’s Talk About Hair Extensions

Let’s Talk About Hair Extensions

weave in hair extensionsAre you thinking about getting hair extensions? Are you confused between human hair extensions and artificial hair extensions? Or do you want to know about celebrity hair extensions? Well, if so, then this post will enlighten you about every aspect of the hair extensions.

Know about hair extensions

Hair extension is beautiful hair accessory that can instantly give you longer and fuller hair. There are many ways to install hair extensions. Many hair salons offer hair extension installation services. It is because the entire process of hair extension installation is not easy. In order to make your extensions look good, they should be installed in an adequate manner. After installation, hair extension maintenance is another important thing to consider. Hair extensions should be handled with care. You have to be extra cautious with hair extensions.

What are the types of hair extensions?

Broadly, hair extensions can be classified as –human hair extensions and artificial hair extensions. Human hair extensions are made from real hair while synthetic extensions are made from fiber. Human hair extensions are expensive, but they perfectly amalgamate with natural hair.

Further, hair extensions are classified according to their installation type –clip-in hair extensions, tap-in hair extensions, weave in hair extensions and hair dreams extensions.

How to match hair extensions with natural hair color?

Hair extensions are available in many hair colors. However, it is not easy for newbies to find the perfect color match. Thus, you can take help from a professional hairstylist. The professionals know which extensions will match with the color and texture of your natural hair.

How to care for hair extensions?

Hair extension bonds can be damaged by heat and water. You will have to be very careful with hair dryer and hair straightener when you are wearing hair extensions. Also, you have to be cautious in pool with hair extensions.

How to get celebrity like hair?

Celebrities are not blessed with long and voluminous hair. They also wear hair extensions. The celebrity hairstylists put a lot of efforts in installing extensions to their hair. If you also want to have celebrity like hair, you can opt for hair extensions.

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