Mistakes that Prevent Hair Growth

Mistakes that Prevent Hair Growth

Everyone wants smooth, long, silky, and bouncy hair. The majority of people will do whatever it takes just to achieve that. Some people go too extreme, and they make mistakes that will prevent hair growth.

Before you go to a hair extensions salon, you should be aware of what some of these mistakes are because they are very common. In fact, they are even part of a daily hair care routine. You think that they help maintain and grow hair, while the truth is, they are quite the opposite.

If you want to know what these mistakes are so you can avoid them, you should read until the end so you will stay informed and knowledgeable.

Washing Your Hair too Much

There are many reasons why you should not wash your hair daily. You can oversaturate your hair strands using water to the damage that is caused by towel drying, and daily washing is not good for your hair. This is even more true when you are trying to grow your hair, and damaging strands negates the hard work you are doing as support for those strands.

You should only wash your hair after 2 days. When your scalp adjusts, you can increase the duration between washes.

Towel-drying Hair

This is comfortable, but you should never dry your hair using a towel.

A towel is too dry and coarse for any hair. Towels cause split ends, but you are also risking drying parts of the hair compared to others which causes a lot of frizzing.

If you keep drying your hair with a towel, you will have more hair breakage.

You Often Use Heating Tools

Curling iron, blow drying, and straighteners use heat to manipulate the hair. Too much heat is exhausting and it can cause breakage.

Once in a while, you should give your hair a break from the manipulation. You should allow it to grow naturally with love and care.

Brushing/Combing Hair Improperly

Most people do not think about combing their hair. They get a comb and rip through their hair without even thinking of detangling it.

This is a mistake and very bad. It will cause breakages, but you might also go through pain when it is done. Instead, you should start finding the right kind of hair comb. After that, you should gently comb hair from the tips while you detangle it until you reach the roots.

You Switch Your Routines

With sustainable, long-term hair growth, consistency is important. However, if you are switching hair wellness products monthly, you will not see the results you want. You must plan to stick with a routine for about 3 to 4 months before you see results. A hair subscription can help ensure you are stocked up.

Using Hot Water to Wash Your Hair

Your hair has natural oils that are supplemented by artificial ones you add so you can keep your hair bouncy and shiny.

Washing the hair using hot water supplies heat can dissolve the natural oils of your hair. This is going to rid you of the necessary oils, which dehydrate your hair and it causes the frizzes you do not want.

You should wash your hair using lukewarm water to keep this from happening and use cold water to rinse it. The cold water will keep the hair moist and hydrates the scalp, and the lukewarm water helps open the hair cuticle so your shampoo can penetrate and remove hair dirt. This way, your hair will not lose its natural oils.

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