Myths About Balayage Treatment

Myths About Balayage Treatment

When summer is approaching, people know it is the best time to freshen up their dull and dreary highlights so their look is updated. One way of doing that is to visit a balayage salon. However, some of them think twice about doing it because of all the myths they hear about it. People have an easy time researching the services they want to get before booking an appointment.

It is important that anyone who wants to get a balayage treatment knows about these myths, including you. Read this post until the end, so you will know what those myths are.

  1. It is a Hot New Trend

Balayage technique is a classic one and its origin is in France, which has been used for decades by European colorists. It is a translation that means ‘to sweep’ and French hairdressers introduced it to the USA in the 1970s and 80s. The applications of highlights have emerged to different effects that can be created to where balayage can totally replace foils.

  1. Balayage Does Not Get Close to the Scalp 

This is a common misconception, and since people are so scared that this is going to happen, they do not choose a balayage color. Contrary to this, the hairstylist only goes as close to the scalp as what you want or need, and that is even closer than if they used foils. You must understand that this is a free-hand technique. The artist uses their hands and a brush to apply the treatment. They can go as deep as they want, or what you require. The artists are trained to check the sections if there are any parts they left out. That is because they do not want to have a marbleized effect that leads to uneven application.

  1. Balayage is Only More Expensive Initially  

It is only initially more expensive. You have to think about the time it takes to train and master the balayage technique. A keen eye is required to see all the detailed sense of precision. Keep in mind that you pay more every time you go for balayage highlights, but the natural placement technique extends your highlights to weeks or even months before your next hair color service. Therefore, it saves you more money as time goes by.

  1. Balayage Cannot Give You Clear, Bright, Cool Blondes

You can because the main thing is to learn the science of getting rid of pigment from your hair. There are a lot of factors to this: the product, application, timing and rinsing, and more. Blonde theory can be taught in any class and the chemistry of classic French technique in highlighting can be broken down. The truth is, the majority of foil clients can be changed to balayage. This can lead to a range of double process that comes with gentle root shading and natural highlights that are sun-kissed, to bright blondes. This is among the most popular academy classes.

  1. You Cannot Do Balayage at Home Even if it Seems Easy

No, you cannot. The skill and precision technique executed in this involves a lot of knowledge when it comes to understanding different hair types and growth patterns. Extensive training is also required to develop a stable hand because no foil is used to guide the colorist.

You can book an appointment for balayage Potomac to finally get the beautiful highlights you have always wanted.

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