The Interesting History of Hair Extensions

The Interesting History of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have become a popular way to give your hair a whole new look. Nowadays, not only women can benefit from having human hair extensions but also men as well. In other words, hair extensions are for everyone who needs to improve their hair volume and their self-confidence as well.

You can avail hair extensions in a lot of hair extensions salon near you. There are also different types of hair extensions you can choose from such as clip in hair extensions. Each of these types of hair extensions available has different application methods and benefits. Human hair extensions are made from real hair, while others are made from synthetic hair.

Hair extensions can change your life for the better. However, have you ever wondered how hair extensions came about? Who invented it and how long has it been around? A brief spoiler though: Cleopatra played an important role in popularizing hair extensions until it evolved into what we know of today.

Egyptians: Earliest documented hair extension wearers

According to historical documents, the Egyptians were the first ones who were documented to use hair extensions. It was around 3400 BC and these ancient hair extensions resemble wigs that are made from sewn pieces of dyed wool and human hair. Ancient Egyptians back then would sew these hairpieces together with their real hair using wax material from bees, plants, and trees.

Among popular hair extensions back then include black, blue, gold, and red. It was said that Cleopatra was fond of using blue hair extensions. Braided hair extensions became an indicator of one’s wealth, age, and religion. Among those within the high-class society including kings, queens, and pharaohs were able to wear these hair extensions.

Not only women like Cleopatra wore these wigs but also men as well. In fact, ancient Egyptian men would shave their head bald, weave the cut hair, and use it as a wig. Over the years, movies and publications often portrayed Egyptian men and women, usually those who belong in the royal class, wearing these kinds of wigs.

King Louis XIV: The catalyst of hair extensions in the West

Meanwhile, Westerners also used their own version of “hair extensions”. During the 18th century, powdered wigs became popular especially among the wealthy. According to historical accounts, King Louis XIV was the one who popularized powdered wigs to hide his baldness. He also did not want to be perceived as weak, hence he wore wigs.

Since then, a lot of men and women during that time began wearing wigs just like the King. These hair extensions were often depicted in paintings as huge hairpieces that looked like beehives, only white. Perukes, as it was called, was made from frames and horsehair and then wool was woven together with natural hair.

The evolution of modern-day hair extensions

Eventually, the use of Perukes waned come the 20th century. During that time, a lot of people preferred having less complicated hairstyles yet used a kind of hair weave called “switch”. The use of these clip in hair extensions became popular as it used real human hair and can be bought at less than $1 for a bunch.

Another hairstyle became popular at that time called the “pompadour”. To achieve the pompadour look, women had to use hair frames and extensions. As the years passed, the demand for hair extensions skyrocketed as long hair became a trend during that time. Despite the high risk of hair damage due to these hair extensions, it continued to be on-trend especially during the 1960s to 1970s.

Hair extensions and weaves continued to become a trend during the 1980s and 1990s. At this point, African-Americans began using hair extensions and hair weaves on their naturally-kinky hair. These also became more affordable and easier to access by everyone. More and more hair extension options became available including clip-on and ones that used real or synthetic hair.

The future of hair extensions

Hair extensions nowadays have become a common thing. It has been popular among both celebrities and ordinary people alike. There is also a lot of hair extensions salon that specialized in hair extension. It has changed hairstyles and the lives of those who used it. If you want to consider getting hair extensions, visit only professional salons that do hair extensions in Potomac.

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