There is No Such Thing as Age: Hair Care Tips for Seniors

There is No Such Thing as Age: Hair Care Tips for Seniors

Whether we like it or not, we will eventually reach old age. Our skin will wrinkle, our youthful energy will falter, and we will have more graying hair. Our hair may not be as vibrant and thick as before, and this can be understandably disappointing. As you reach the 60’s, you might wonder whether it is still okay to have a keratin treatment by a hairstylist or visit a permanent hair straightening salon.

Back in our younger days, we tend to be conscious of how we look. From the make-up we use to the hairstyle we sport, it is important to look presentable at all times. But as we age, it can be more challenging – frustrating even – to look good especially with all those signs of aging.

A change in hair condition

Just so you know, there is also such a thing as hair care for seniors. It can be way different from the usual hair treatments you had in your younger years. Before, you can have a Brazilian keratin straightening treatment for your hair. Now, you might have to be careful about what you apply to your hair.

Slow hair growth and coarse and graying hair are very much common among elderly people. Hair’s elasticity may not be as apparent unlike before, hence it can be more prone to breakage. The scalp may also not be able to produce oil as we age, which in turn leads to dry hair and hair fall.

However, this doesn’t mean the elderly people have to settle for less when it comes to hair care. For one thing, proper hair care plays a vital role in improving a person’s confidence and self-esteem. Likewise, seniors also deserve to look and feel their best despite their physical limitations.

Haircare for seniors

Given the more fragile condition of aging hair, it is important to take extra care of it. This is to avoid further damage, hair fall, irritation, and other hair issues. Seniors may have to avoid going to a permanent hair straightening salon as chemicals may cause further hair damage.

There are some seniors who are still agile and alert at their age. However, there are others who are too weak to take care of themselves and completely relied on their respective caregivers/nurses. Regardless of their overall health condition, it is still best to take time for proper hair care and hygiene.

As mentioned, you may have to avoid the usual hair treatments that can potentially cause damage to hair. Human hair extensions may not be suitable for seniors anymore due to thinning and weaker hair condition unlike before. Here are some tips for senior hair care.

  • Make sure to trim your hair regularly. You have to accept the fact that you cannot grow your hair like you had in your younger years.
  • Choose the right shampoo. Some hair experts suggest using baby shampoo for your aging hair as it is specially formulated to be gentler than most shampoo products out there.
  • You can still use coloring products, although you need to check the ingredients. Better yet, you should visit a professional hair salon for the best hair coloring brand recommendations.
  • You can also consider using hair growers for balding hair. However, consult a professional hairstylist or a medical professional before using such products.

What about seniors who are already bedridden?

The case may be different for seniors who have become totally dependent on caregivers or nurses. Here are some tips to help aging and bedbound loved ones take care of their hair.

  • Dry shampoos can be your best friend in this kind of situation.
  • Use shampoo caps or a special basin in washing hair.
  • Make sure to have lots of patience in case the patient is being resistant to bathing his or her hair. If it doesn’t work today, there’s always tomorrow.
  • You can always ask your friendly-neighborhood stylist in reputable hair salons for additional hair care tips for the elderly.


Aging is an inevitable part of life. Our looks and energy will become way different, unlike our younger days. Before, we can visit a Brazilian blowout salon for your regular hair treatments. But as we reach our senior years, hair treatments will be limited.

At the end of the day, it’s a matter of how you are going to accept the reality of aging. We can choose to dwell in the limiting consequences of aging or age as gracefully as we could. While we are still young, it is better to give your hair the VIP treatment it deserves. Contact the best keratin treatment salon in Potomac today!

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