Thinking of Getting Hair Extensions; Here is What You Need to Know

Thinking of Getting Hair Extensions; Here is What You Need to Know

Hair extensions are the perfect solutions to bad hair days. If you want long, full and easy to manage hair, extensions give you exactly that. In this article, we tell you what you should know before you get hair extensions. Before you invest your money to get human hair extensions make sure you understand what you are getting yourself into. It’s important to understand clip in hair extensions or the hair dream hair extensions before you choose to wear either of them.

Everything You Need to Know About Hair Extensions

Below are some facts and rules you should know about hair extensions

  • How are hair extensions added?

There are different methods of adding hair extensions. It’s important that you visit the hair extensions salon and consult on the best method for your hair. If you have thin hair, some methods of fixing the hair extensions may cause damage to your hair. Bonded hair extensions may not work well for thin hair, and it’s therefore important that you work with an expert hair stylist to determine the best extension for your hair.

  • How long will the hair extensions last?

Extensions will last up to to 6 weeks after which expert advice you to have them removed and reapplied after your hair has been assessed. Bonded hair extensions may last up to 4 months while micro loops will last 4-6 weeks. It’s important to note the length of wearing hair extensions depends on how well you maintain them. Make sure you follow the care instructions given at the hair extensions salon to keep the hair extensions looking good and shiny for long.

  • What type of hair extensions should you wear?

Extensions are either synthetic or human hair extensions. Human hair extensions are made from human hair, and they are of high quality. It’s best to use human hair extensions because you follow the same maintenance schedule like that one of your natural hair. Human hair can be styled easily using heat, unlike synthetic hair extensions. Visit the hair salon and consult the hair stylist on high-quality human hair extensions that will give countless options when it comes to styling. Poor quality extensions will matt and lead to hair damage, and it’s therefore important to ensure you splurge on quality. Synthetic hair extensions may be suitable for actors who use them for a short period during their role play. It’s therefore important to determine your lifestyle and choose the extension that works for you.

  • What is the Cost of hair extensions?

The cost of hair extensions depends on;

  • Type of hair extensions whether synthetic or human hair extensions. Human hair extensions are of high quality and are more expensive
  • Method of fixing the hair extensions. It’s cheaper to fix clip in hair extensions as compared to other permanent methods.
  • The number of wefts applied to your hair. The higher the number of wefts required the more expensive it becomes.

It’s best to visit the top rated hair salon and consult the hair stylist on the total cost of application of the extensions. You will also be able to get high quality at the hair salon

  • Will extensions break my hair?

Extensions will not damage or break your hair if they are well taken care of and properly fixed. The hair stylist will analyze your hair and determine the best extensions for your hair. Failure to fix the right hair extensions and poor routine care will cause your extensions to matt and tangle. Tangling and matting of the extensions may cause your natural hair to break.

  • How experienced should the hair stylist be

It’s imperative that your hair stylist has the necessary experience. An experienced hair stylist will advise you on the best extensions for your hair, how to take care of the extensions, how and when to remove the hair extensions. To get the best hair stylist to visit the top-rated hair salon and speak to the hair stylist. It’s best to research before going to the hair salon so that you can ask questions and gauge their experience.

  • How best can you care for hair extensions?

Condition the hair extensions often to keep it hydrated

Brush the extension often to prevent matting and tangling

Visit the hair extensions salon Rockville for a check on the progress of your hair.

Avoid sleeping in wet hair extensions

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