Tips and Tricks: How to use clip-in hair extensions

Tips and Tricks: How to use clip-in hair extensions

hair extensionsHair extensions are the most trending hair accessory these days. From prom to Hollywood red carpet parties, hair extensions are raging as a beautiful alternative to growing hair out. It is because everyone loves long and lustrous locks, but no one has time to grow and look after the long hair.

There are many ways in which hair extensions can be installed. Not everyone prefers spending time and money on professionally sewed and glued hair extensions, so clip in hair extensions are amazing alternative.

Everything you ever wanted to know about clip-in hair extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are perfect for women who are looking for a quick hair extension installation method with no permanent bonding. These hair extensions are quick and easy to install and remove. Also, they can instantly add volume and length. Clip-ins comes in oodles of color, length, size and hair type. It is easy to find clip-in hair extensions that complement your natural tresses.

In order to use clip-in hair extensions, you should at least have shoulder-length hair. Shorter hair needs additional preparation that should be left to a hair care professional. Also, your natural hair should have medium to thick texture to hold the clip-ins.

Clip-In Extensions to Get Thick, Full Hair

Take sneak peek over below mentioned instructions to install clip-in hair extensions without any trouble:

Step 1: Unpack hair extensions on a plain surface and group together according to size.

Step 2: Part your hair like you usually part and then section off that parting perpendicularly to your ear. Use hair clip to hold the section. (And repeat this step on the opposite side of your head.)

Step 3: At the back of your head, make a section at bottom inch of hair and clip remaining hair.

Step 4: Select the most suitable extensions for each section. Open clips and attach them in the sections you made.

When you purchase clip-in hair extensions, make sure to match the color and texture of extension hair with your hair, so that you can amalgamate extensions with your natural hair. It is better to consult a professional at hair extension salon to find the perfect clip-in hair extensions.

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