What Do I Need To Know Before Getting Microlinks?

What Do I Need To Know Before Getting Microlinks?

People are jumping on the bandwagon of microlinks faster than anything else. If you’re considering to get microlinks from salons that do hair extensions, you must prepare yourself beforehand with the right information so you can make the right choices. So, follow this guide.

What Are Microlinks?

Microlink hair extensions, or simply microlinks, are generally of two types: I-tips and beaded wefts.

These extensions are applied either strand by strand (I-tips) or row by row (Beaded wefts) and they are mechanically applied to every strand of hair. Microlink extensions are the most modern types of extensions and they’re getting really popular these days.

The reason is that microlinks are very natural-looking and they don’t feel heavy on the mane at all unlike sew-in and tape-in extensions. These extensions are also very comfortable and they can last for a long time.

Another unique thing about these extensions is the fact that they can be matched with almost all types of hair textures, densities, and even colors, so curly-haired women can rock these extensions too.

They’re made out of either synthetic hair or natural human hair and they can be dyed to fit any color range. So, there is a color for everyone. This hair extension has changed the game of voluminous hair and it has made things easy and more manageable.

How Are Microlinks Applied?

These extensions are applied by two methods. The first is the hot fusion where the keratin band is heated with a flat iron to fuse the extension to the natural hair strand and the second method is the cold fusion where rings are used to secure the extensions in place.

Both methods are equally amazing and long-lasting so it’s ultimately up to you which fusing method you want to go for. Microlink hair extensions have taken natural-looking hair extensions to a whole new level and the results are likable. Here are some crucial things to know about microlinks.

They’re Virtually Invisible

The application of these extensions and the way they’re made, in particular, makes them invisible once they’re on the hair. This is an amazing thing because you don’t want the extensions to peek out from their hiding place. After all, that’s just embarrassing, but that’s not the case with microlinks.

So, you can go about your day without being worried that your extensions might ruin the look because they’re secured in such a discreet way that no one will be able to distinguish the fact that you’re sporting extensions.

Less Damaging

These extensions are also less damaging to the hair. However, that depends on how you care for the hair afterward.  Hair extensions don’t necessarily damage your mane, but it’s important to come to terms with the fact that you have to take care of them if you don’t want your natural hair to rip off.

This is why it’s important that you brush them out carefully and shampoo the hair with care, especially when the extensions have recently been applied and so on. With microlinks, you don’t need to worry a lot because these extensions stay put once applied and you better believe that they’re not going anywhere.

They Are Comfortable

Microlink extensions are one of the most comfortable hair extensions to wear. They’re very lightweight and the application process is breezy given that someone else does it for you. Regardless, it won’t feel like you have anything on your head.

A lot of the time, with hair extensions, you can practically feel the weight of the extensions on your hair and that’s not a comfortable thing at all, especially if you’re planning on wearing them for a long time. Well, it’s a good thing that microlinks don’t feel like anything, so they’re a lot more fun.

More Hairstyling Freedom

As microlinks are virtually invisible due to the application technique, be it cold or hot fusion, it’s going to give you more options when it comes to styling your hair. You can style your hair however you want with these extensions in, and you can rest assured that nothing will peek out from under your hair.

With most extensions, it’s advised that you don’t go for those tight and high hairstyles because not only will it cause rips in your actual hair, but it can also lead to the extensions peeking out. But with microlinks, there’s no such thing to fret over.

They Last Long

Microlink extensions are no-fuss, so they’re not going to get in the way of you trying to do your hair and you know what that means. They’re going to last long. This is a great thing because if you’re spending that much time on applying these extensions, you want something that doesn’t have to be replaced every few weeks.

Fortunately, microlinks can stay in your hair for up to a year if you maintain them right and that’s a huge number. So, you will be relieved when you don’t have to constantly change or tweak your extensions because microlinks will look picture perfect all the time.

Not Suitable For Shorter Hair

This one is a huge bummer, otherwise these extensions would have been the most perfect thing to exist in the hair care world. These extensions aren’t suitable for shorter hair. The main reason is that shorter hair doesn’t have a lot of body and thickness that can allow these extensions to stay put and that can ultimately lead to the extensions falling out because they’re not secured properly.

So, the short-haired women shouldn’t go for these extensions because it will lead to disappointment. But you do have other options like tape-in and sew-in hair extensions that you can try.

Very Hard To Apply

Microlink hair extensions are great, but they’re not going to be a piece of cake to apply. These extensions need to be applied in a salon and it also takes a long time for the application process to finally get done, so you will be in the salon for about 2 to 3 hours depending on how many extensions you’re going for and which fusing method you’re opting for.

If you’re going for hot fusion, then it will take 3 hours tops, otherwise, two hours will be the waiting duration.

And again, no DIYs. You just can’t apply these extensions by yourself as much as you want, so you will need to resort to going to a salon for these extensions to be flawlessly applied on your mane.

Low-Maintenance Hair Extensions

These extensions are super low maintenance, which a lot of women love. Microlink extensions don’t need to be handled with kid’s gloves. They’re very forgiving even if you get them slightly wet, which is the worst-case scenario in a lot of traditional hair extension maintenance. They are the definition of “set it and forget it” and you’ll love them.


Microlink hair extensions look very natural on the mane and they’re getting really popular because of this fact. But they are only for people who want permanent hair extensions. So, if you want to try them out, visit a hair extensions salon Potomac and see your hair become more dense and voluminous in a matter of hours. Make sure your hair are not too short because the extensions can’t be applied to short hair.

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