What kind of hair extensions are best for summertime?

What kind of hair extensions are best for summertime?

If you’re thinking of changing your look for the summer, human hair extensions are a great way to mix things up.  At Hair by Moses, we offer more types of hair extensions than any other hair salon in Rockville.  We have a ton of popular brands including Remy hair extensions and celebrity hair extensions such as Jessica Simpson hair extensions.  If you are looking for a specific kind of premium hair extensions, we guarantee that we have it for you!  Whether you are looking for straight or curly hair extensions, bridal hair extensions or brightly colored hair extensions, we have got you covered!

As the #1 hair extensions salon in Rockville, we provide a wide range of other professional hair care services as well.  Our hair stylists are all very talented at coming up with the perfect hair cut and color for a given person.  There are dozens of beautiful summer hairstyles to choose from to match to your gorgeous new designer sunglasses!  Our professional hair stylists use only the finest hair products and salon equipment around to guarantee the best possible results.  In addition to the best hair extensions around, we can also do bridal updos and makeup on your big day!

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