What kind of haircut and color should I get for Valentine’s Day?

What kind of haircut and color should I get for Valentine’s Day?

hair relaxerNew Haircut and Color

Are you looking for a fun way to spice up your appearance this Valentine’s Day?  A new haircut and hair color is a great place to start.  The expert hairstylists at our hair salon would love to help you come up with a new romantic look to enjoy with your loved one this February 14!  We suggest going with a totally different hair color to give yourself a brand new edge.  There are tons of vibrant blonde hair colors and red hair colors out there that can really make your eyes pop!  We will be sure to match your new coloring exactly the way you want it, taking extra care to choosing shades that are complimentary to your skin tone and facial structure.

Short Hairstyles

Some women opt for short hairstyles as the weather starts to get warmer.  Bob hairstyles and short pixie haircuts will never go out of style!  We can show you pictures of a ton of the most current popular hairstyles to match your facial features and designer sunglasses.  We also offer some of the best permanent hair straightening services around!  Visit us today for a long lasting keratin treatment; your hair will be soft and silky for months on end.

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