What short haircuts are in this summer?

What short haircuts are in this summer?

short hairstylesPixie Haircuts

Many people choose to have shorter hair during the summer to best accommodate the hot weather.  Short haircuts can still look gorgeous while making you feel as comfortable as possible in the face of unstoppable summer heat.  Pixie haircuts and bob haircuts are making a comeback in popularity, so why not be one of the trendsetters?  We know it can be a big decision to chop off your long lustrous locks, but you will be so much more comfortable!  Also, you could always donate your hair to a charitable organization such as Locks of Love.  There are a virtually infinite number of cute haircuts out there to make you feel great all summer long.

Hair Smoothing Mask

Even if you don’t want to cut your hair too short for the summer, there are ways to make it more manageable.  Many parts of the country experience high levels of humidity in addition to the heat, which makes spending time outside even more tiring.  Hair frizz and uncontrollably kinky hair can be a problem for many during the hotter months of the year.  For these people, we highly recommend looking into a professional hair relaxing service that will last for months!

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