What You Need to Know Before Dyeing Your Hair

What You Need to Know Before Dyeing Your Hair

If you have never dyed your hair in the past, doing it for the first time can be terrifying. It is hard to get the shade you desire and it requires plenty of maintenance. However, a good dye can transform your hair and make you look unforgettable.

Everyone knows that putting on hair dye can be daunting, so this article is helpful in eliminating some anxiety that involves coloring your hair for the first time. Dyeing virgin hair should always be considered delicate that needs care and dedication. However, while the process can seem intimidating and complicated, you now have different options. One of them is balayage hair color, and find out more about dyeing your hair for the first time.


You are already on the right path because you are reading this article. Whether you decided to do it by yourself or in the salon, you should not just dive into it without preparing properly. You must find the right tools or book a consultation with the salon you trust.

If you will go to a salon, you need to let the right person do it, preferably a person who is a color expert. Make sure to only choose an experienced colorist, and make sure to check their work before choosing them.

Subtle Shades Do Not Quickly Fade Away

While arty shades like copper, red, and violet are beautiful, they fade quicker than hues that create a subtle change. If you are okay with uptick maintenance, you can go for that. You must know that you will extend the appearance of a permanent hair color, which breathes new life into a color that helps in keeping it even, healthy, and vibrant. If you want low-maintenance, go for a neutral shade that takes upgrades your current color to make it shiny and rich without making a huge difference.

Bring Pictures

You must always bring a photo of the color you want. There are times when your definition of color might be different than what the colorist knows. Pictures are an excellent way of making sure you are both talking about the same shade.

For instance, telling the colorist that you want to be blonde like Adele might get you the shade she had in the past instead of the natural-looking one.

Book a Hair Consultation

If you will go to the salon, it is better to have a consultation with them first because this helps you and your colorist understand each other what you want. Consultations open up a dialogue between you and the stylist, which allows you to have a better understanding of coloring terminology.

Communication is the best if you have not colored your hair in the past. When it comes to booking a consultation, you can easily understand some of the basic terms in coloring. Some terms included are highlights, dimension, foils, lowlights, and balayage treatment.

The Color You Choose Must Compliment Your Skin Tone

The simplest way to know the best hair color that goes with your skin tone is to look at your jewelry box. Warm skin tones look great with gold, which means you will look fabulous with shades like platinum and chocolate brown. If silver flatters your skin, your complexion shade has a cool tone, so you should try warm red, blonde, or deep golden brown.

This way, you will achieve great results even if it is your first time. The latest hair color treatment is available at a balayage salon Potomac and you might like this if you are going for a more natural look.

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