Will hair extensions cause damage to my natural hair?

Will hair extensions cause damage to my natural hair?

hair extensionsHair Extension Application

Have you always wished for longer hair?  Even if your hair grows particularly slowly, you can still find ways to make your hair appear long and lustrous.  Natural hair extensions blend in perfectly with your own hair to add volume and length!  If you are interested in finding the best hair extensions for your hair type, we recommend working with a professional stylist at a local hair extension salon.  Professional hair extension application is a much safer bet than applying extensions at home, and it guarantees that your new hair extensions will look as natural as possible!

Keratin Extensions

There are many different hair extension varieties to consider including Indian hair extensions and European hair extensions.  Your hairstylist will be able to recommend the best hair extension brand and type for you.  Hair Dreams hair extensions, Fusion hair extensions and Remy hair extensions are just two of the most popular brands out there.  Depending on how fast your hair grows you’ll have to change your new hair extensions every couple months.  For this reason, we highly recommend finding a hair extension salon and hair stylist you can trust to help you make all your major hairstyle decisions!

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