Long Hair Extensions


Looking for a great place for quality hair extensions in DC? Look no further than the best Hair Extensions Salon in DC at Moses, he can provide extensions that will allow you to achieve a brand new look with a fuller and longer head of hair quickly and easily. When getting hair extensions it is vital that you go to a professional stylists who can help you place your new extensions in a way that is natural looking and that will hold up over time.

At Moses Hair Extensions Salon in DC our master stylists has years of experience working with the best hair extensions options available in DC. One of the most popular hair extensions are the Hair Dreams Extensions.

Hair Dreams Extensions by Master Hair Stylist in Washington, DC

These extensions are the absolute highest quality human hair extensions available in DC and when properly placed by Moses will give you long luscious locks that will last for months or even a full year. After an initial consultation your extensions can be done either that day or after your specialty hair extensions arrive in DC usually only a 24-hour wait is needed.

The extensions are quick to put into place and Moses’ years of experience will ensure that they look completely natural with no tracks showing. Also Hair Dream Extensions in DC will last for months and can even be re-used for another wearing period if proper care was taken. When you are ready to remove your Hair Dream Extensions Moses will apply a gentle removal solution that makes removing the extensions quick and pain-free.

When Hair Dream extensions are applied there need not be any limitation to what you can or can’t do with your hair. Our quality extensions also come in a variety of colors and can be dyed to match your own natural locks. If you are ready to achieve long, full hair contact the expert services at Moses Hair Extension Salon in DC today.

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