4 Things you Should Know When Getting Hair Extensions For The First Time

4 Things you Should Know When Getting Hair Extensions For The First Time

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Are you getting hair extensions for the first time? Before you head to a hair extensions salon, there are several things you should know. These things include:

There are many types of hair extensions you can buy

As much as you might have fallen in love with a friend’s extensions, you should know that you might not look as good as how they look is significantly influenced by the type of extensions they have on.

Some of the popular hair extensions in the market are:

Temporary extensions: These are perfect when you are getting your feet into the extensions arena and want to test the waters before taking the plunge. Do you want to wear extensions for weekends or special occasions? These are the extensions to go for.

Popular extensions under this category are clip-ins, wefts, and weaves.

Semi-permanent: These are designed to be worn for 6-8 weeks, after which you should remove them and install new ones. The most popular semi-permanent extensions in the market are tape-in extensions that are often smaller than clip-ins.

There are also invisible tape extensions that are often completely undetectable, especially when your hair is down or up.

Permanent hair extensions: From their name, these are extensions designed to be worn for extended periods of time. The extensions are usually strand by strand, meaning that many small attachments are often added to the extensions. The best examples of the extensions under this category are micro rings and macro bonds.

Good quality extensions don’t come cheap.

While you will find extensions of all price ranges, you should avoid cheap extensions as they tend to be unsightly.

When you are shopping for the extensions, avoid salon standard extensions as they are often made from poor quality materials, often have inconsistent colors, and get clumpy on your hair.

The key to looking the best in hair extensions is buying quality extensions, which unfortunately don’t come cheap. So if you are looking to steal the show when you wear your extensions, get a quality 100% human hair extensions.

Avoid synthetic hair extensions as they give you an unnatural shiny look, and you can’t heat style them.

The hair extensions can damage your hair.

I know you want to improve your hair with extensions, but you should be wary as the extensions can damage your hair, especially if you have your extensions applied by an inexperienced professional.

When the stylist doesn’t apply the hair using the correct method, they are bound to damage your natural hair. Some of the popular hair damage you can go through include: hair loss, breakage, and even damage to the hair strands.

To reduce the risks of hair damage, ensure that your hair is done by an experienced professional working in a reputable hair extensions salon.

If you aren’t sure about your stylist’s proficiency, choose micro ring attachments as they are the safest to apply as the stylist doesn’t need to use chemicals to apply them.

To place the extensions, the stylist slips them through a metal ring and clamps it shut, and secures the extensions into your head.

Hair extensions need care.

Having the hair extensions applied in professional salons that do hair extensions Rockville doesn’t mean you are out of the woods—you still need to maintain the extensions to keep them looking spectacular. And there are plenty of ways to do it depending on the type of extensions you got on.

If you have semi-permanent extensions, use the shampoo recommended by the stylist. As a rule of thumb, don’t condition or apply oils to your hair root.

Do you have tape-in extensions? Brush the extensions regularly to keep them shiny and tangle-free.

Avoid sleeping with wet hair but if you have to, style the hair with a loose braid and fasten it with a scrunchie to avoid breakage.

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