Will Extensions Help My Hair Grow?

Will Extensions Help My Hair Grow?

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If you have been struggling to grow your hair, your friends must have told you to visit a hair extensions salon and put on hair extensions.

Will extensions help my hair grow? If you are wondering this, you should know that the extensions won’t make your hair grow as they don’t have any nutrients that help hair grow.

One of the principal reasons many people think hair extensions make the hair grow is that they don’t comb or manipulate it.

Since you have covered the hair in extensions, every time you want to improve your looks, you touch up on the extensions—not your natural hair, and as you can guess, this makes the hair retain more length as you don’t touch and break it during the styling.

People will also have the impression that the hair is growing when you put on extensions due to their mindset. If you are fond of hair extensions, chances are you put them on for months at a time. This means that you tuck your hair away for too long, so when you remove the extensions, you see your hair for the first time after a long time, which gives it the impression of added length.

Always remember that hair grows internally, and it takes place inside the scalp. Clip-in extensions and any other extensions are external, so they don’t affect how your hair grows out of the follicles.

How do you take care of hair extensions?

While the hair extensions won’t impact the internal hair growth, they prevent your natural hair from getting damaged, so it retains its length. Due to this, you need to take good care of the extensions, so they provide your hair with the highest levels of protection.

Wondering how to maintain hair extensions? Here are some excellent ways to do it:

Use the right hair care products: Indeed, the extensions aren’t your real hair, but you need to care for them just like your real hair. As a rule of thumb, you need to use the right shampoo and conditioner designed for your hair extensions. If you aren’t sure about the right products to go for, get the input of a professional.

Avoid heat tools: Unlike your natural hair, the extensions don’t get the natural oils and nutrients from the body, so stay away from heat tools at all costs. This calls for you to avoid the blow dryer, hair straightening iron and others. As you can guess, this calls for you to stay away from hairstyles that would require you to heat your hair.

Thankfully, there are plenty of heat-free hairstyles you can use, such as texture spray and many others.

Don’t sleep on the extensions: If you have clip-in extensions, remove them before you go to bed to prevent them from getting tangled in your hair and damaging the clips. When taking out the clip-ins, do so from the top to bottom to limit the tangling during removal.

Of course, if you have sewn-in hair extensions, you can’t remove them when you go to bed. In such a case, sleep in a cap or silk scarf to prevent the extensions from getting tangled and prevent frizz.

Taking care of your natural hair to grow

Even after getting your hair extensions in salon Rockville, you still need to take care of your natural hair so that it grows. At least once a week, shampoo and apply a conditioner. You don’t need to be fancy with the products you use, as the regular shampoos and conditioners are enough to get the work done.

After shampooing your hair, thoroughly rinse it to remove all the shampoo that might be trapped in the extensions.

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