A Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Hair Color

A Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Hair Color

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You can cut your hair in any style that you may want. But will look better when your hair color is vibrant. Sadly, many are born with dull hair. Such people can still change their hair color and still not look strange.

 Tips to help you to choose colors that look good on you


Your face complexion will determine what color will look good on you. A natural redhead, with a fair complexion, can ruin some haircuts, by dying their hair black, deep brown, or other really dark colors. People with naturally dark hair have naturally darker complexions, and almost always have brown eyes. Even if you don’t have such dark hair, do not try to dye your hair black if you have a light skinned complexion.

Shades closer to natural color

You can try applying colors that are one or two shades darker or lighter than your natural hair color. If you are blonde naturally, then stick with darker blondes, light browns, or lighter blondes. These colors will look good with your complexion, and will not make you looked washed out, or pale.

Choose colors carefully

Any dye that has the word ash in the name will have a hint of red in it. People with red undertones are advised to stay away from such colors.

Color chart

On the side of the package the manufacturer places a color chart to show you what shade your hair will turn out depending on the shade that it is naturally in. If your hair is already colored then you must check how it might look later before you buy it.

Existing color

It is safer to remove any old color already left on your hair. You should visit an expert salon to get it professionally removed.

Gray hair

If you are attempting to dye gray hair, you will have to leave the dye solution on the hair for longer. Read the instructions carefully to find out how long the solution will take to dye gray hair. If your hair is gray in the roots, apply it there first and then the rest of the hair. This will stop you from having darker hair on the bottom, and lighter colored hair next to the roots. A professional hair salon can do it better than novices.

One has to choose hair colors very carefully before using them for right results.

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