Hairstyles For Women With Long Faces

Hairstyles For Women With Long Faces

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Face cut determines the type of hairstyle that will suit you. If you possess a long face cut here are some of the hairstyles for women.

Short styles

The waviness and curled layers in short hairstyles make the face look wider and add fullness to it. To make it appear shorter you can set your hairs for fringes this will make your face look shorter and cute.

To add a more stylish look, design the bangs in different styles to highlight them.

Medium length hair style

Medium sized hairs are when the hair touches your 1 to 2 inches below your shoulder blades. The best hairstyle for these size hairs are to get them layered. One who possess long face should never keep the hair sleek as this will make the face appear more elongated, not complicating much to overall bodily features.

Curl up your hair into waves by taking 1 to 2 inches of hair strips instead of straightening them.

Long hair style

However, it is not a smart act to keep the long hairs when you already have a long face, but if you have, adding layers to them will gratify your look. By adding the layers, the hair appears shorter, revealing the fullness of your face and making your face look shorter.

Styled hair

There are certain products available in market with the help of which you can style your hair perfectly for parties and outings. These styles will enhance your look by lifting you to a different world of sexiness.

But make sure you buy the right products from right stores and not damage your hair by buying something unreliable.

Parted hair

Ones with short hairs should never part the hair from the middle as it turns your face narrower and longer. Side parting is the best for short faced girls. It provides an adorable and elegant look to your face.

For more styles you can consult your hair stylist before deciding to adapt any hairstyle for long face.  A professional salon will suggest you best by looking through the type and quality of hair.

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