Balayage For Short Hair: How To & Ideas

Balayage For Short Hair: How To & Ideas

Balayage is one of the most loved hair coloring techniques out there, and short-haired women aren’t ruled out of it. Balayage is a versatile hair coloring method and if you’re looking for ideas on how to sport balayage on your short locks, then you came to the right place. Using this as your guide before going to a balayage salon so you know what to expect.

The Process Of Balayage On Short Hair

Here is a step-by-step process of balayage on shorter hair. The procedure is pretty much the same as it’s for long or medium-length hair, but there are certain things to keep in mind.

  1. First, your hair will need to be washed and dried. To save your time, you can wash and condition your hair at home and go to the salon.
  2. You’ll have to select the color as well and depending on which color you go for, you might or might not need to have your hair bleached. Bleaching the hair takes about 30-40 minutes for shorter hair. Once the bleach is washed, your hair will be blow-dried and the color application will begin.
  3. Your hair will be sectioned off. The hair at the crown of the head will be secured on top and the lower section will be dealt with first.
  4. The base color will be mixed in and applied to the hair that frames your face. The color needs to be potent at the tips and lighter at the top and this is the main thing that gives short hair that dimension and doesn’t leave the mane looking flat. This is also the time when highlights will be painted on the hair.
  5. Once the highlights are painted on, the hairstylist will use the base color and sweep it over the wet highlights. This is what gives the highlights that painted look. The highlights will look blended, but there will also be individual layers that show the color off beautifully.
  6. Once the lower part of your head is done, the upper section is dealt with. The same technique is employed in this part and it’s ensured that both sections look the same, so the overall length of the mane is touched up one last time with some random streaks and sweeps.
  7. Now is the waiting game. You’ll need to wait for about 30 to 45 minutes for the dye to develop. After the time is up, your hair will be washed and then dried.
  8. Balayage is essentially complete at this point. The last, and optional, thing is to get your hair styled. Your hair will be straightened, slightly curled, and blown out to give it that boost of volume. The hair stylist will style your hair in a way that puts the balayage and highlights in the spotlight.

Balayage Styles For Short Hair

If you’re looking for some trendy yet classic balayage ideas that will look amazing on short hair, then here are some options to choose from.

Blonde Balayage With Caramel Highlights

No matter if you’re a natural blonde and want to add a bit of pizzazz to your hair or you want to completely change your hair color, this balayage idea will certainly turn heads and it’s perfect for both summer and winter months.

Nobody can resist the soft yet chic vibe of a blonde base balayage with warm caramel highlights. The tones balance out perfectly and it also gives that dimension and body to the usually short mane.

Ash Blonde Balayage

If you’ve got some gray hair and want a balayage that will not only look effortlessly amazing but will also compliment your hair and age, then an ash blonde balayage is the way to go. It has light and ashy tones that complement the hair length perfectly and it also leaves a great impression on women with long bobs.

Most of all, this color is super wearable for every day and the balayage can tone down the harshness of the ash-blonde hue.

Rose Gold Balayage

If the mid-2010s rose gold trend still has you in a nostalgic chokehold, you need to revisit the magic with this beautiful balayage. Rose gold is the best of both worlds. You get the subtle hue of pink in your hair that doesn’t scream “obnoxious” and you can also get a touch of the sun from the addition of gold. The result will leave people turning their heads in awe and this color compliments all skin tones, so that’s a huge plus.

Light And Dark Balayage

If you can’t decide between a light or dark balayage, then why not get both? A light and dark balayage is a very classic option and don’t be fooled by the contrast because a balayage has the magic of toning everything down.

So, even if it’s a harsh or bold color, the result will be very muted. You can go for any contrasting colors of your choice, like black and brown, brown and blonde which is also known as bronde, ash, and platinum blonde and the list goes on.

Usually, the darker color will be at the top of the head where the hair frames your face and the rest of the light color will fan out.

Blonde Balayage With Dark Highlights

If you want a classic blonde balayage but want to take things up a notch, then combining it with dark highlights will be a treat for the eyes. Blonde is a cool color, as far as tones are concerned, so coupling it with a darker, warm color will give your mane the balance that is missing.

However, avoid going for black because that is just too harsh. You can choose from a variety of medium and dark browns and if you want to play it safe, then you can certainly go for a darker blonde shade as your highlight color.

Auburn Balayage

Auburn is a very beautiful color that isn’t plain, but has that beautiful warmth to it that shines in the sun. An Auburn balayage and that too on short hair is going to be a combination that everyone will love. Auburn gives a lot of depth and dimension to the hair, which is needed and a balayage will mute the harshness of the color, so you can rock beautiful, bouncy locks, without a single speck of worry.

Silver Balayage

Another option for the gray-haired women out there, is a silver balayage. Usually, a lot of women, when going up the ladder of age, will opt to chop their hair down. And if you’re looking for a refresh, then a silver balayage will tick all of the boxes. It’s muted, it’s wearable and it also hides those pesky gray roots that can come up and ruin almost all hairstyles.

A silver balayage will certainly give you that confidence boost and you will be known as the woman who ages with style and grace.


Balayage is not a dream anymore no matter what hair length you have. So, what are you waiting for? Head to a balayage Potomac salon right now and transform your hair and look.

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