What You Should Know About Hand-Tied Hair Extensions?

What You Should Know About Hand-Tied Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are a great confidence booster, especially if you have thin and sparse hair and want to jazz your mane up a notch. They are done best by salons that do hair extensions. Hand-tied extensions have numerous fans for a lot of reasons. So, here is what you need to know about hand-tied hair extensions.

Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

Hand-tied extensions are beaded wefts of hair that are sewn in the mane with a nylon thread. These extensions are different from traditional sew-in extensions because sew-in extensions can only be applied on longer hair, whereas hand-tied extensions are great for women with shorter hair. Hand-tied extensions are wrapped around the hair as opposed to sewn through the tresses.

Hand-tied hair extensions have the following benefits:

  • They’re longer-lasting than most extensions.
  • There’s no need for any adhesive like in tape-in extensions, which means that they can be removed easily.
  • The result is a lot more natural.
  • They’re almost invisible, so you can rock any hairstyle that your heart desires.
  • Hand-tied extensions are also quite reasonable in price ranging from $80 to $150 depending on how many wefts you’re going for and the salon you choose.

These extensions are here to stay because of their longevity and the overall results they give. What’s not to love about them?

How To Get Hand-Tied Hair Extensions?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get hand-tied extensions installed in your mane:

Hair Washing

First things first, your hair needs to be washed and dried. If you want, you can complete this step at home, but most salons offer a hair wash with a hair extension application. So, why not let them massage your hair while shampooing the dirt and debris from your mane?


The next part is the most important one and this is where the expertise of the hairstylist will determine the fact that your extensions remain hidden no matter what hairstyle you choose to do.

Your hair will be sectioned off into various horizontal parts, starting from the base of your neck and going upwards. The number of sections you want on your hair for the extension application depends on how many wefts you want to install. Usually, 7-10 sections are more than enough, but everyone’s hair is different. So, the number can be more or less.

Taking A Single Section

Next, a singular section of hair will be separated from the bigger section. This is essentially the place where the hand-tied extension will be applied. This section is a little thinner than the base section, but it’s made strategically, so that the extensions stay put on the hair, close to the scalp, and that there is no peeking out.

Applying The Wefts

Now, a hand-tied weft will be taken and it will be secured on the sectioned off hair with a thread and needle, using a knotting and looping method. It is a lot safer than the tape-in and sewing method because unlike manipulating the extensions into the hair with a needle and damaging it, the hand-tied weft is wrapped, or tied around the section of hair with a thread. This method also allows these specific extensions to last a lot longer on the head, about six months, without any need for touch-ups.

Once the first weft has been applied, the process is repeated until all of the extensions are installed on the hair in different arrangements according to the sections made previously.


Your hair will be gently combed through to ensure that there aren’t any knots or kinks in the mane, and if you have requested a haircut and styling, then this is the time when these things are done. Voila! You are now rocking hand-tied extensions in your hair with extra volume and a ramp-worthy hairstyle.

Taking Care Of Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

Don’t Wash Hair Immediately After

This goes for all kinds of hair extensions, but specifically with hand-tied hair extensions, you don’t want to manipulate the extensions after they’ve been applied. You should not to tug on them with your fingers when shampooing.

This is why a lot of hair extension applications start with washing your hair first so that you don’t need to wash it afterward. Keeping the extensions undisturbed on the hair for the first 24 to 48 hours is crucial because that’s going to set the extensions in place and they will last longer too.

Be Careful Around The Scalp

These hair extensions are applied pretty close to the scalp. This means that your scalp can be a vulnerable area for hair breakage and hair rips. If you’re mindlessly brushing your hair and that too, close to the scalp, then the extensions can tug on your natural hair and it can rip the strands altogether.

So, whenever you’re brushing your hair, ensure that you’re keeping a safe distance from your scalp and only using your fingers to comb through the hair on the top of your head. This will keep the extensions in place and you won’t hurt yourself either, by accidentally ripping your hair from the scalp.

Keep The Heat At Bay

Another thing that you need to keep in mind when taking care of hand-tied hair extensions is the use of heat. Heat is not generally good for any type of extensions and it can loosen the extensions from the point of contact on the head. This will result in the unraveling of the extensions and all of your hard work will go down the drain.

Your hair technician will also advise you to keep heat use at a minimum as long as you have extensions in your hair, especially near the scalp. If heat is used, the results can be detrimental.

Keep The Extensions Dry

If you’re someone who lets their hair air-dry for the most part, then you might need to change this habit after getting hand-tied extensions. You don’t want your scalp or the extensions to be sopping wet as soon as you step out of the shower, otherwise you’re just inviting damage.

What you want to do, in this case, is to use a blow dryer on a cool air setting and blow dry your hair and your scalp if you’re running a bit late and don’t want to spend the next 30 minutes drying your hair. The area on which the hair extensions are applied always needs to be dry.

Sleeping With Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

If you’re worried about sleeping with your hand-tied extensions because they might get tangled, then here’s something that you can do. Take a shower cap or a silk sleeping cap and tuck all of the hair inside. When you go ahead and hit the hay, your hair will be secured and tangle-free, even if you toss and turn wildly in your sleep.

Letting your hair fall freely while you sleep is nothing less than a petition to wake up with a bird’s nest on your head and taming it will be a nightmare. So, save yourself from the trouble of fixing your hair the next day, and sleep with your hair tucked in.


Hand-tied hair extensions are probably one of the most long-lasting extensions and once they’re on the head, you better believe that they’re going nowhere. So, get these hair extensions in salon Potomac and enjoy the extra volume of your hair for long.

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