Brazilian Hair Extension Techniques

Brazilian Hair Extension Techniques

Brazilian keratin hair extensionHair extensions are the best way to add length and hair volume. Human hair extensions last for longer duration and are less prone to damage. Hair stylists are constantly exploring different ways to apply hair extensions. Brazilian Keratin hair extension method is most innovative and latest technique. The process includes attaching extension hair to the customer hair with the help of small elastic bands. The technique of Brazilian Keratin Straightening is recently becoming as the most practiced technique to get straight hair. The use of hair extensions seems to be best way to try different hairstyles and textures. The recent technological advances help to improve the quality of hair extensions. With the availability of different types of methods to integrate hair extensions, they are affordable for everyone.

Types of Hair

Virgin Brazilian Hair: Such type of hair are not processed or treated and they have natural shine with a slight wave. Make sure to visit any hair straightening salons for any type of process and ensure that your stylist has tied the extensions properly. Some people called such type of hair as cuticle hair as cuticles are always in one direction and minimize the problems of tangles, frizzing and abrading.

Remy/Temple Hair: Such type of hair are most sought after and are referred as temple hair as they come from young people in India who shave their hair due to any religious belief. Mostly, these hairs are available in black and brown color. They can be dyed and processed after been attached to the natural hair. The need of hair varies and for a natural look use about 7 ounces and 8 to 12 ounces are recommended for a fuller look.


The Brazilian hair extension is a weightless application that helps to minimize shedding. Firstly, hair is washed with no use of conditioners, mousses, hair gels or oils, pomades, etc.. The cuticle must remain open to facilitate hair bonding to hair extensions. Then, the hair is divided into quarter-inch sections. The extension hair is tied to hair of the customer using elastic bands and these bands are colored to match the natural hair color. The complete process takes around three to four hours to give a new look.

Process of Extensions Removal

The removal of any type of extension should be done at hair salons. This is important as self-removal of elastic bands might damage the hair if not removed properly.

How Long do Extensions Lasts?

European hair extensions can last for 6 to 12 months with proper care and regular adjustments. On the other hand, African textured hair, time depends on the growth of the hair and how frequently the new growth needs to be readjusted.

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