How to care for Brazilian Blowouts?

How to care for Brazilian Blowouts?

Beautiful Brunette Girl. Healthy Long HairBrazilian blowout referred as Brazilian Keratin Treatment converts frizzy curls into straight tresses. The use of preservative solution and liquid keratin straightens out the hair and seal them. The tresses become straight with the help of a flat iron. Unlike most of the conditioners, the keratin seals the hair cuticles and prevents breakage. It traps moisture and gives a glossy finish. This technique makes your hair perfectly straight for up to 3 months. A keratin solution is applied in combination with heat from a blow dryer and a straightner. The use of this treatment makes hair shiny, frizz-free, manageable and voluminous. The Brazilian Blowout should be done at hair salons to get the best effect. When it comes to hair care after this treatment then follow the given tips:

Avoid sub-merging your hair in saltwater for atleast four days after the treatment. Going into pools or oceans cam prove harmful to Brazilian Blowouts as sodium chloride weaken the bonds of the keratin treatment. Stay away from swimming and even if you want to do so then soak your hair in the water before taking a dip in a pool or saltwater to reduce the quantity of salt that affects your hair.

Wash your hair by using a creamy shampoo and conditioner. Avoid using harsh chemicals like glutaraldehyde and thioglycolate present in many keratin blowout preparations as they take away moisture content from hair. Always ask your hair stylist and check at hair straightening salons before choosing the procedure as some of the ingredients make your scalp oily and require frequent hair wash. The scalp stabilizes within a week after the treatment. Using a creamy shampoo prevent hair from drying out and recommended in case frequent washing becomes necessary for you.

Get your hair color and highlights done before opting for a Brazilian Blowout. The Brazilian Keratin coating fills the microscopic pores of each hair strand. These pores absorb hair dye and the keratin will leave no space for any substances in your hair. Make sure to wait for at least 15 days for hair color after getting a Brazilian Blowout.

After the treatment, always try to keep your hair dry for at least three days after the treatment. Avoid using hair clips and other accessories that can leave kinks in your hair. In case you notice any marks in your hair then straighten them immediately. Also, make sure not to use any hair styling products with alcohol.

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