Can Hair Extensions Be Dyed?

Can Hair Extensions Be Dyed?

If you don’t like the current color of your extensions and you are wondering, can hair extensions be dyed? Yes, they can, and you can do it at home or in a hair extensions salon. The only catch is you should follow the right dying procedure.

Choose your color and gather the necessary supplies.

Begin with getting the color you need to apply to your hair. You can go at it in two ways: getting the color from a professional or a drugstore. Even if you don’t want the professional to apply the hair color on you, it’s good to get the hair color from them as they will advise you on the best one to go for based on your complexion and the look you want to create.

Avoid buying the color from a drugstore as you won’t get professional advice.

Besides the hair color, also get a developer that you will use on the extensions. The best developer to go for is the 10-volume developer or demi-permanent color.

You can also use 20-volume developers but avoid 30-40 volume developers, as they will damage your extensions.

After you have got your hair color and developers, your next move should be to get the supplies you need for the work. They include: tin foil, a color bowl and brush, plastic wrap, hair color gloves, a towel, and a wide-toothed comb.

Mix your color

You can’t apply the hair color the way you get it from the stores—you have to prepare it. Read the instructions given at the back of the bottle and mix the color and developer.

In most cases, you need to prepare 3-5 ounces of color. If your extensions are longer, you may have to prepare more.

You don’t have to wash the extensions before applying the color, but it’s wise to comb them to remove any tangles.

Apply the color

After preparing the color and combing the hair, now is the time to apply the color to your extensions. Using your gloved hands and color brush, completely saturate each section of your hair extensions with your desired color solution.

For the best results, ensure that the color completely coats both sides of the extensions from the top to the ends. Remember, you are better off applying more color than little, so be generous in your application.

When applying the color, start from the top of the extensions and move your way down to the ends, while following the hair’s natural fall.

Don’t apply the hair color upwards as you will damage the extensions, not to mention making them frizzy and disheveled.

Let the hair color soak in.

For the hair color to stick, you have to give it time to stick into the extensions.

Cover your freshly colored extensions with a plastic wrap to prevent the color from drying out, then let it soak in for 20-40 minutes.

Rinse off the color

Using cool (not cold) water at low pressure, gently remove the excess dye from the hair. To avoid damage, let the water flow in the natural hair direction.  Remove all the color, then follow up by shampooing the hair with a safe, mild, sulfate-free color-safe shampoo.

Comb and let the hair dry

After removing all the color, dry the hair and apply a leave-in conditioner on the extensions. You should then comb the extensions gently with a wide-toothed comb and leave the extensions to air dry thoroughly before styling them to your desired style.

You can straighten the extensions using your home tools or have them done in a Japanese hair-straightening salon Rockville. It is up to you.

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