Do I Need Hair Straightening?

Do I Need Hair Straightening?

Healthy blond hairAre you a person tired with your curly hair that never stay the way you want? Does your hair turn to frizzy during the course of monsoon period? If your answer is a big YES, then your main option will be to go for hair straightening. This hair style has become the cult style among both girls and women.

Women always love to be noticed and to have shining, beautiful straight hair. Hair straighten is one way to get all these mentioned above. It helps to remove curly hair by way of chemical treatment. This would result in reduced usage of hair styler daily.

The best place to get hair straightening in a good hair salon. Hair straightening can be done keeping within your monthly budget. But if you are going for established company or product, the price may vary accordingly.

Types of Hair straightening

The treatment you give to hair can vary according to the types. It is possible to get temporary straightening as well as permanent. In the case of temporary the straightened hair may not last more than a month. Permanent straightening can be divided into Keratin treatment, chemical treatment and thermal conditioning or Japanese treatment.

KeratinIn this treatment, hair shaft will be coated with keratin, which will make your hair straight silky hair. This type of hair treatment is the most preferred and loved one. Your frizzy hair will get reduced due to the keratin component.

Thermal Conditioning: This treatment employs both heat and chemicals. After the application of chemicals on your hair, extreme heat is applied to it. This extreme heat will help in restructuring the bonds of the hair making them straight.

Chemical Straightening: This type of treatment also tries to break the bonds of your hair. When it is broken in the right amount, your curly hair will become straightened.

 Where to do

You might be thinking of doing permanent straightening at your home by yourself. Avoid It!!! Why should you take the risk of completely destroying your hair? It is advisable to research about good hair straightening salons that do hair strengthening and then go there for the treatment.

Get your curly hair straightened for a new look and improved personality!!!



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