Brazilian Keratin Straightening: Post Treatment Care

  Brazilian Keratin Straightening: Post Treatment Care

hair straighteningEvery day new beauty treatments are come up in market because of the increasing skin and problems. Also people have become more conscious of looking better and want to follow the latest trends in fashion. Brazilian Keratin treatment is a method used to eliminate frizz and straightening the hair by sealing with liquid keratin.

But once you have got the Brazilian Keratin treatment done, you have to take care of certain things. The treatment usually last for about 12 weeks. You must keep these things in mind:

Post treatment period

You must avoid getting your hair wet for at least three days after the treatment, so that the hair gets properly blend with Keratin. So, you have to avoid washing hair, swimming, sweating or staying out in the rain. Leave your hair plain and down for 3-4 days after the treatment and then use a soft hair tie. The hair clips or bands can leave dents on hair.

Hair color

If you want to color your hair, get them done either before the treatment or wait for at least three weeks after the treatment.


After Brazilian hair treatment from a professional hair salon, one doesn’t need any hair sprays or gel. All you have to do is just blow drying the hair after washing and not to use any hair products after first shampoo. You just have to blow dry or flat iron your hair to manage the strands, this will help your treatment last longer. Too much use of styling products can make your hair look dull and dry.

Post care shampoos

 You must select sodium free shampoo and conditioner post keratin treatment. For a lasting effect of the treatment go for a shampoo which is specially developed for keratin treated hair this will compliment the keratin straightening treatment.

Night time care

You must avoid sleeping on a cotton pillow case, as it will cause friction and disrupt hair follicles causing the hair strands getting rough. To avoid this use silk pillowcase, as the friction is lesser on silk when you toss and turn on the pillow, which means the Keratin treatment will last comparatively longer.

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