Easy tips to get a new look with highlights

Easy tips to get a new look with highlights

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Hair highlighting allows to add volume, depth and shine to your hair while keeping your natural color. It’s also a perfect way to lighten your hair color or go for a complete blonde look and experience quick transitions. Great highlights are versatile in nature and never go out of style. Whether you’re looking for subtle or multi-dimensional or striking hair color and highlights , there are various ways to get the best look. Before visiting any hair salons for hair color, remember some of the rules.

Highlighting Rules

  • Highlights compliment your hair color. Warm browns goes well with natural blonde, light brown and caramel highlights while cool hair colors pop when freshened up with some ice and ash tones. Just follow the simple rule to choose your ideal hair color-warm with warm and cold with cold.
  • Request your hair stylist to use a highlighting kit formulated for your hair color. Also, it would be best to do an allergy or strand test to analyze for any allergic reaction and to get a glimpse of the lightening effect before taking a final decision.
  • Decide your processing time limit as different hair colors and textures process in a different way.
  • Consult a professional to know more about damage prevention tips if your hair has been processed a lot.

All-Over Highlights

Scatter highlights all over your hair to get a multi-dimensional effect throughout your hair. To create a subtle effect, pull out a few hair strands through every third in the cap and still if you want a dramatic look then try every two holes.

Frame Your Face

Frame your face in any haircut and styles by using a light shimmer all over your face to highlight your best features along with your hair. Pull hair through every other hole around your hairline from ear to ear by using a cap.

Top Lights

Hair color and highlights at your crown make you get a sun-kissed look. To get a perfect look, part your hair and pull on the cap. Afterwards, pull out a few hair strands through every hole along your part and around your hairline.

Tip Lights

To get a cool and dramatic effect on short haircut, get your ends highlighted. Use cap to pull out bits of hair every third hole and then apply the mixture on the edges.

So, if you are hoping to get the picture-perfect look then foil highlights are not the only technique to give the hair you want and you can choose “balayage” technique as well which involves painting some chosen hair strands or tell your celebrity hair stylist to touch the edges and create an edgy and interesting look.

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