How to Care for Brazilian Blowouts

How to Care for Brazilian Blowouts

Brazilian BlowoutThe Brazilian Blowout also known as Brazilian Keratin Treatment popularly used to straighten curly and wavy hair. This treatment involves hair coating with keratin that soaks into hair cortex. When the keratin sinks, the pores fill and add volume thus straightening each hair strand. Some other similar type of treatments requires precise hair care but some of the celebrity hair stylist insists that Brazilian Blowout is relatively low-key care hair care procedure that helps to optimize Brazilian Keratin Treatment.

Why go for Brazilian Blowout?

Brazilian Blowout is infact a viable hair treatment for people who’d like to get sleek tresses. Almost all the reputed hair straightening salons offer this treatment that helps to minimize frizz and control unruly curls for up to 12 weeks. The treatment of Brazilian Keratin makes your hair more manageable. With time, it will make you master your strands and enjoy the ease of styling.

Instructions for Hair Care

  • Wash your hair using a rich shampoo and conditioner. The use of harsh chemicals present in most of the keratin blowout like glutaraldehyde and thioglycolate drains moisture from hair. So, make sure to with discuss with your hair stylist before choosing any procedure. Some people complain that scalp become oily after the treatment and requires frequent hair wash. While the reality is that the scalp stabilizes after a week of getting this treatment. Remember, using a creamy shampoo prevents hair to become dry.
  • After hair wash, allow your strands to air-dry rather than blow-drying. Coat your strands with a heat protectant free from sodium chloride. This is important as chloride break down the chemicals used in a Brazilian Blowout and decreases its lifespan. Check the label before using any hair care products to rule out the presence of sodium chloride.
  • The saline water affects this hair treatment. So, avoid submerging hair in saltwater for at least three to four days after the treatment. Visiting pools and oceans seems to be harmful as the sodium chloride found in swimming pools weakens the bonds that coat the keratin treatment. Refrain from taking dips in pool or oceans.
  • It would be better to go for hair color and highlights before getting a Blowout. The keratin coating used in this treatment fills the microscopic pores of hair strand. These pores tend to soak hair dye and leave no space for any other factor to affect your hair. Be ready to get a new hair cut and styles or color your hair after two weeks of Brazilian Blowout.
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