Facts You Should Know about Keratin Hair Straightening Treatments

Facts You Should Know about Keratin Hair Straightening Treatments

hair salonsThere is nothing more liberating than getting perfectly manageable hair every morning. Curly, frizzy and rough hair would take good hours to style. This is the reason why more and more girls are opting for hair straightening treatments. Chemically treated hair not only looks sleek and shiny, but also becomes manageable and smooth.

Everything You Need to Know About Keratin Hair Straightening

Today, many hair salons are offering various kinds of hair straightening services. Keratin treatments for straight and smooth hair are gaining a lot of popularity. Keratin treatments are actually the best option available for smoothing and defrizzing many types of hair from curly to relaxed. Keratin treatment is a temporary hair straightening process that transforms unruly and frizzy hair into shiny, healthy and straight hair.

Keratin is a protein present in hair, skin and nails. Adding this protein to your hair returns hair to a conditioned state. Keratin treatments are suitable for all kinds of hair. This treatment even works on chemically treated hair. However, keratin treatment is not recommended for thin, fine and damaged hair.

Benefits of keratin hair straightening treatment

  • This treatment gives soft, shiny and manageable hair that remains unaffected by humidity.
  • Keratin treatment nourishes the hair from deep inside.
  • It decreases blow drying and styling efforts.
  • This treatment even works on colored hair.
  • Keratin treatment lasts up to 3 months.
  • Hair returns to pre-treatment state when keratin gets washed away from hair.

Maintenance after keratin treatment

  • Do not wash your hair too frequently. For longevity of the treatment, use mild shampoos and conditioners. Harsh chemicals present in shampoos can wash away the keratin.
  • Minimize the exposure of hair to salt water, chlorine water and sun.
  • You can color your hair before or after 2 weeks of getting keratin treatment.
  • You can get haircut after keratin treatment.

Keratin hair straightening is not a permanent hair straightening treatment. How long the treatment will last on your hair depends on the quality treatment and aftercare you provide. You can maintain straight and shiny keratin treatment look by repeating the treatment after sometime. There are many hair straightening salons that offer top-notched hair straightening services.

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