Find which hair extension method is right for you

Find which hair extension method is right for you

hair extensionWith the availability of so many types of hair extensions on the market, it is easy to get baffled over which hair extension is the best! Hair extensions are nothing but fake hair that can be used to increase the volume and the length of hair. But the concept of hair extensions is not as easy as it sounds.

When you opt for purchasing the hair extension, you will find various kinds of extensions. Understanding the features of every type of hair extension is not an easy job. At first glance, all hair extensions will look alike and when you try to go into detail, you will find that extensions are totally different from one another.

Understanding Hair Extension Types

If hair extensions are categorized according to the method of wearing them, then there are four types of hair extensions:

Clip-in hair extensions

These are the most temporary type of hair extensions. Just like their name, they contain clips which are used to apply them on the hair. You can attach and detach clip in hair extensions within minutes. Clip ins are available in a variety of color, texture, length and hair type.

Weave hair extensions

Weave hair extensions are braided with the natural hair. It means with weave hair extensions, you need not have to wear any other thing but artificial hair. However, weave in hair extensions are not for everyone, as not all hair types can handle the stress of braiding. Moreover, it requires professional hairstylist to attach and detach the weave hair extension.

Tape hair extensions

Tape hair extensions come with the easiest attaching method. Just attach the tape and enjoy the long and voluminous hair. If applied properly, tape hair extension can give the seamless results.

Micro link extensions

Micro link hair extensions are applied by looping artificial hair with the natural hair and then hair are clamped using metal bead and pliers. That is why these extensions are also known as loop hair extensions and micro bead extensions. The micro link hair extension method is expensive as compared to other hair extension method. You should always choose good hair salon for getting micro link extensions attached.

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